Use these Tutoring Ideas for 2nd Grade Reading

Tutoring Ideas for 2nd Grade Reading

Second graders typically must learn a list of sight words as part of their reading curriculum. They also might be reading short chapter books and thinking about the stories they read more in depth and beyond the basic plot elements. Second graders should have a reading fluency rate of 50 to 60 words per minute … Read more

How Do I Find Tutoring near Me for Reading Help?

Tutoring near Me

Children struggling to read or those who read below grade-level benchmarks might need more help than parents know how to provide. Reading aloud with children, asking questions as they read and helping them sound out words can aid a child during their reading journey. Even children who receive additional assistance at school or within their … Read more

How to Find the Best Online Reading Tutors for Kids

Online Reading Tutors for Kids

Millions of children struggle with reading. Some have difficulty with decoding, others might struggle with comprehension, and children also could struggle with all aspects of reading. After all, difficulty decoding words could leave a child to have little understanding of a sentence or paragraph of text. One mispronunciation could throw off the entire meaning, leaving … Read more

How Parents Can Be Their Child’s Reading Tutor

How Parents Can Be Their Child’s Reading Tutor

Private reading tutors can be expensive, especially if a family is on a tight budget. While many parents aren’t experts in reading instruction or might not have degrees in education, they can still provide guidance and basic reading instruction at home. If a child only needs a little extra guidance to meet benchmarks or to … Read more