Improve Reading Comprehension

Is your child understanding what they are reading?

As children move from learning to read to reading to learn, comprehension is crucial to improve reading abilities.


Develop Critical Thinking Skills

  • Readability helps children from Pre-K through 6th grade have a full understanding of the books and vocabulary they are reading.
  • With tiered practice, children will learn to decode and think critically, and ultimately improve their overall reading comprehension.

Interactive AI Tutor

  • Our reading comprehension feature helps children develop their critical thinking skills, improve literacy and build confidence.
  • We know reading is an individualized journey. After a child reads a book, the AI Tutor works with your child to help encourage and develop a full understanding of the material they just read through interactive voice-based questions and answers.

Become Independent Readers

With practice and consistency, children will strengthen their vocabulary and comprehension skills and work towards becoming independent readers.

Parents can use the Progress Dashboard to track details such as books read, comprehension scores, time spent reading, accuracy, and words per minute.

When Readability becomes part of a child's daily routine, they will build confidence and improve their grades, leading to future academic success.

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