Spark your Child's Love for Learning

Readability's virtual bookshelves include a range of genres with classic titles and award-winning authors that will keep children of all ages engaged and excited to keep reading.

Children can explore fiction and nonfiction titles that introduce them to new characters, transport them on unique adventures, and let them discover facts about the world around them.


Expansive Library

Whether your child is a new or struggling reader, our library is leveled for each child's reading abilities with stories that are fun, engaging, and designed to match age and interest levels.

Our library of nonfiction books includes:

  • Historical Figures and Places
  • Sciences and Social Studies
  • Careers, and many more topics for young, curious minds

Readability also offers a wide selection of fiction featuring Classic and Award-winning titles and series to capture and keep your child's attention,


Leveled Reading

Books in Readability are organized according to the Lexile Framework for the Reading system. Each book also has a corresponding Accelerated Reader (AR) point value.

As your child improves their fluency and comprehension, the AI Tutor automatically advances them to the next reading level.

Once they reach a new level, children gain access to a selection of new passages and stories, rich with new vocabulary to learn and practice.

When Readability becomes part of a child's daily routine, they will build confidence and improve their grades, leading to future academic success.

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Fun & educational grade-level stories come to life with bright illustrations.

For K-6th grade, available on:



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Laptop Compatibility - Chromebooks and MacBooks

Please note that our application's compatibility with laptops may vary depending on the device model and its specifications. For Chromebooks, compatibility is generally supported for devices manufactured in 2021 and onwards. For MacBooks, our application is compatible with devices featuring M1/M2 Apple silicon chips.

We continually strive to expand our compatibility coverage and improve user experience. If you encounter any issues with your device, please reach out to our support team for assistance. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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