How to Use Apps to Help Reading Comprehension

Apps to Help Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an important aspect of reading mastery. If a child does not comprehend what they read or if they only understand the basics from text, they may later have difficulty in reading to learn. Comprehension is essential across subjects. When a child struggles with reading comprehension, parents might not know the best resources … Read more

Here’s How Children Can Work on Reading Comprehension at Home

Reading Comprehension at Home

For some children, reading comprehension can be a struggle. As they progress through elementary, the expectations for reading comprehension will focus more on reading between the lines and abstract understanding. Children will need to think about what they read and perhaps relate it to other themes; they may analyze characters or learn to make predictions. … Read more

Homeschooling Reading Comprehension Lessons Can Include These Games and Apps

Homeschooling Reading Comprehension

Parents who have opted to homeschool their children typically have their daily lessons planned ahead of time. Homeschooling parents need to keep up with the grade-level skills and subjects of their children, but homeschooling might offer flexibility that the standard school-day doesn’t offer. Some homeschooling curriculum options include hands-on field trips to complement lesson plans. … Read more

What Helps with Reading Comprehension?

What Helps with Reading Comprehension

Some children may decode text fluently. Parents might not notice any struggles as a child reads aloud. Yet, when a parent or teacher asks the child about what they read, the child doesn’t seem to be able to know or provide detailed answers to questions about the plot or characters. Reading struggles don’t always involve … Read more