Why Methods for Teaching Comprehension Strategies Change Throughout Grade Levels

Teaching Comprehension Strategies

Reading fluency and reading comprehension impact reading proficiency. While children could decode words easily, if they lack the ability to read between the lines, summarize the text or even make predictions, they might not be reading proficiently. Phonics lessons can provide children with the fundamental skills for decoding and help children start the path to … Read more

How to do a Reading Comprehension Assessment at Home

Reading Comprehension Assessment

Reading at home with children might be a daily habit for parents to ensure their child gains confidence with reading and learns to enjoy books and stories. While parents of younger children might read stories aloud to them at night, parents of children who are older might encourage their child to take an active part … Read more

How to Use Apps to Help Reading Comprehension

Apps to Help Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an important aspect of reading mastery. If a child does not comprehend what they read or if they only understand the basics from text, they may later have difficulty in reading to learn. Comprehension is essential across subjects. When a child struggles with reading comprehension, parents might not know the best resources … Read more