Reading Tutors Near Me: What Parents Should Know

Reading tutors near me

Every child is different—especially when it comes to learning how to read. Some children will pick up on reading quickly, whereas others may need additional help to develop crucial reading skills. If your child is struggling with reading, it may be in their best interest to work with a reading tutor. Here’s what parents should … Read more

How to Use an Online Reading Tutor to Improve Reading Skills

A mom and daughter read a book on the living room floor together

When using Readability, your child has access to an online reading tutor, powered by artificial intelligence,  that is programmed to understand your child’s voice. The role of the interactive tutor is to help guide your child’s reading journey by providing pronunciation assistance and addressing other issues during the lessons.  Your child’s private online tutor also … Read more

Reading Tutoring: Do you Really Need a Tutor?

reading tutoring

While a few kids are blessed with picking up reading quickly, most will struggle a while, especially in the early years. It is at this stage that they need the most support and encouragement. Reading shouldn’t be a painful and serious process to learn how to read.  However, for parents making reading fun can be … Read more

Why Use a Reading App instead of a Reading Tutor

Reading Tutor

As a parent, your child’s education and academic success is likely one of your highest priorities. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on tools and supplies to help your children succeed. When it comes to sharpening their reading skills, technology may be the resource your kids need. Reading tutors can be expensive, and … Read more