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Improve Reading

Students' abilities progress while they read out loud and receive real-time feedback and assessment from our interactive voice-based AI tutor.


Gain Comprehension

Watch their concentration and comprehension develop as they actively engage in critical thinking - preparing them to excel in every academic subject.


Build Vocabulary

We give your child the right words at the right time so they are always engaged and progressing. At each grade level, they will learn tons of new words, their meanings, and correct pronunciations.

A 1-on-1 Tutor & So Much More


Fully Interactive

Our industry-first comprehension AI Interactive Voice-based Questions & Answers (IVQA™) provides the effectiveness of 1-on-1 tutoring. By prompting, correcting, assessing, and encouraging young readers to ensure they fully understand the material.


Track Progress

When using Readability in a blind study, our app shows parents quantifiable improvement and offers detailed daily and weekly reading reports. The Progress Dashboard includes reading history, reading times, accuracy, comprehension, as well as speed.



Help your child improve their skills and foster a lifelong love of reading. Storytime introduces your children to new sounds and words. It also develops early literacy skills that enhance their focus and concentration.


Responsive Reading

Advanced Speech Recognition AI provides support and listens as your child reads. Our Smart Reading Program automatically selects the right reading material for each child to minimize reading struggle and maximize improvement.


Vocabulary Lists

While reading, long-press on any word to show its pronunciation, meaning, and is automatically added to their Personalized Vocabulary List. Each list is neatly organized A-Z to further practice, review, and perfect new or difficult words.


Family Affair

With access to 3 readers per account it is easier than ever for you to get your whole family reading. Each reader has an individual Progress Dashboard so you can keep track of each child’s progress and reading goals.

The library is filled with fiction and nonfiction titles that are fun and engaging! I love that this app builds confidence and the love of reading. It even helps when your child doesn’t know a word. I love that I can track her progress within the app and see things like comprehension, reading duration and average accuracy!


What I loved about this app is that Readability really allows your child to read books and passages that are at a level they are at. The book highlights the words your child is supposed to be reading aloud and as it listens to your child’s words it will help them along too. This is a great app I highly recommend.


Easy process to get started and get kiddos reading. The stories are fun and targeted appropriately for each grade level. The voice recognition technology is really neat as it picks up whether you're reading aloud the correct word with the proper enunciation. My son just turned 5 and was already beginning to read before starting Kinder, and this app is a great way for us to reinforce learning and to help him retain information!


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I learned about Readability through a student with autism. He stuttered and read very, very slowly. Summer rolled around and he came back in August and I called on him to read and he was a totally different student. I could not believe how well he was reading. I called his mom that afternoon and she told me about the Readability program. It was absolutely fascinating to see his progress. His confidence has improved, he’s a totally different kid!

Robin Getsee

Special Education Teacher

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I’ve studied educational apps and what I truly appreciate about Readability is how it’s not distracting at all. It’s easy for children to navigate and for parents to track their children’s progress. The focus is really on reading the story, being exposed to new vocabulary, and making sure children understand what they’re reading. I’ve witnessed first-hand how engaging this app and the stories on this app truly are.

Dr. Kanika Kadakia

Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Things I really love about readability are that it gives the child the opportunity to learn at their own pace without the pressure and expectations. It helps relax the child and promotes internal motivation and success in the child, rather than self-doubt and anxiety that can come from having to do all these things in one go.

Nicky Palmer

Child Psychologist, MS, LMFT

Real Measurable Impact

Readability shows quantifiable improvement and details your child’s reading development.

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Students Engaged


Books Read


Minutes Read

TutorsAfter School Programs
Reading with Real-Time Help
Comprehension with IVQA
Track Each Child’s Progress Individually In a Progress Dashboard
Personalized Reading Selections
Individual Child Schedules & Goals
Fun & Educational Grade-Level Content
Includes 2 Additional Readers
Alerts That Your Child Is Reading
Develop Early Literacy Skills
Cost$19.99 /mo.$45-$80 /hr.$100-$200 /mo.

Readability Reviews

To moms of struggling readers everywhere, do it. I never leave reviews, this one is worth it 110%. I will pay for this and give up literally anything else. Currently helping two of my struggling readers (and a child that needs speech help!) this is the best app I have come across to help my kids. Just do it!

I tried Hooked on Phonics with my son but it was too much 1 on 1 and it took too long and he lost interest very quickly. We tried Readability and this is so much easier especially for kids with short attention spans and busy parents. One book took like 5 mins or less and he felt great that he could finish a book from start to finish. I noticed that he would remember words he was corrected on so the next time it came up, he said it with no help. I also love the reading report. Summer break is way too long and kids tend to forget a lot. With this, I feel like it's preparing my son for school which is great.
Cybersec Chica

This is trhe best app we have ever tried. My autistic girl went up a grade level in less than a month. The best App! My girl is in the spectrum and struggle with reading. In 2 months she went from 1st grade reading level to third grade reading level. Her special assistance teacher was astonished,
Shawne Gatoura

Absolutely amazing app. It grades my daughter and follows along when she reads... her wpm has improved. Still on free trail and keeping it 100%. The feedback on her level and what is captured is amazing...Than you readability, you have come in handy every day.
Amanda Lorrainee

Readability was a great thing for my child. He was behind in his reading for his age so I figured let's try it. Not only did it help catch him up to his grade level but it also was much easier to get him to read. Since he has to read out loud, I can also attest that the books are great. There have been many books that he read that I learn things. ( The story of Dr. Seuss is my favorite). Definitely would use this app again and again.

Adhd autistic son. Just signed up my trial today for my 8yr old! It waits and if your kiddo doesn't say the word in a timely manner, it pronounces and gives the 'mic' back to the kid to repeat the word. At the end it prompts questions to kiddo to make sure they were PAYING ATTENTION and remembering as they read. Aaaaall of which my kid struggles with and will have much more patience with him on...and a good sized library of books to work with.
Jessica L. Annarino

Downloaded last night and I'm in love! My son (Autistic, 6) read three books last night! My fave part was the live comprehension check; we also struggle with speech clarity and he worked hard to make sure he spoke clearly each time! I hope we stick with it
Viki Ram

Oh my GOSH! Covid set my daughter back quite a bit in reading. Less than one week on this app and she is doing amazing. AND she can not put it down. Now, can you create a writing app that does the same thing?
Mandi Elizabeth

My 5 year old would get self-conscious about reading because she couldn't "read like big sister" yet. Readability helped her gain confidence in practicing reading out loud and working on her words.

Just downloaded this. I have an almost 8 year old with incredibly high fluency but not great decoding skills. She hates when she's asked to do any reading. I've tried Epic, Reading Eggs, and a ton of other apps. I had her try this out. She came over and said 'if it's reading no' and 'I'm only reading for one minute.' and before she'd even finished the first book she was saying how cool the app was and how much she liked it. She read two books back to back and loved them both.
Shauna Ann Murphy

"Hello - just wanted to let you know that this app has been VERY helpful for my daughter! We have seen so much improvement. Today the reading specialist stopped me in pickup line to say that she read on grade level today and she was so proud! I’ve recommended this app to tons of other parents. Thanks again

Collar Heidi

I had been witnessing my niece's struggles and aversion to reading for quite some time. However, from the moment we introduced her to Readability, her reading journey took an astonishing turn. Readability has not only boosted her reading skills but has also given her the confidence to express her thoughts more articulately. What warms my heart the most is the transformation I've witnessed in her attitude towards reading. She went from dreading it to genuinely enjoying it. I cannot recommend this app enough. If you're looking for a way to help your child not only improve their reading skills but also find joy in the process, this is it. This app is an investment in their education and confidence that pays off in ways beyond words. To anyone reading this, trust me, you won't regret giving this app a chance.
Shafiah Rujana Salas

I learned about this app in an ad and I downloaded it for my 8 and 3 years old. They programs they've set for both age groups and skill level is outstanding! Both of my kids absolutely LOVE to use this app and I really enjoy the reminder notifications to keep us on track daily! I can't recommend this enough.
Skyler Miranda

To say this app is amazing is an absolute understatement. My child in third grade has been with a reading tutor since first grade. This year, the school pulled us aside to let us know that there is a possibility he may have to be held back because of his reading level. Even though he had been with a tutor for the last two years, he was still reading at a first grade level. We struggled to find something that really helped, we tried everything. I then stumbled across this app in the last ditch effort. In four months of using the app, his improvement has been so drastic that the school called us and wanting to know what we had done. We showed them this app and explained how it worked. The school system is now purchasing the app and instituting it in their reading program not just for tutor base, for early reading education as well. I cannot give this review 100 stars or I would.
Father of Struggling Kids

First day for my dyslexic son, and we like it so far. It's easy to set up and use. He read independently without me hovering. We never did that before. I almost cried happy tears 🥹
Vinciane Freeman

I don’t even know what to say other than thank you! To whoever designed and created this…THANK YOU!! My daughter is 9 and is severely dyslexic with speech apraxia. She’s reading at about a 1st grade level, if that, and the mention of ‘reading’ would cause a huge meltdown because of how difficult it is for her. I’ve tried every app out there that ‘guaranteed’ success but all they did was cause her to get frustrated and break down because she couldn’t succeed on them. Because of her speech apraxia, apps could never decode what she was trying to say and it was heartbreaking to see her give up. I decided to try this and the free month long trial is what sold me, to be honest, because I didn’t want to pay for something that wasn’t going to work. The first time she tried Readability, not only was she able to read at her own pace, but the technology UNDERSTOOD her unique speech patterns and she was able to complete an entire book without breaking down into tears. She is now starting to choose her own books and reads every night on her own and she even told me she ‘secretly’ likes her new app, even though it has to do with reading. Her attitude towards reading has completely changed now because she feels successful and is able to do this independently. So from the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you for this. Your program helped my little girl who had given up, believe in herself again.
Ms. Garibay

This really helped my 11th year old over the last two years. He struggles with dyslexia and this is the prefect program for him, it balances helping him figure out words on his own and also correcting his reading to improve comprehension. The best part for me was the customer service, if you have question, they are immediately available via chat and can help with everything and anything you need. I very highly recommend this, it has been a great assistant for our homeschool classroom.

Our kiddo is reading more and more I love the app. My kiddo had a kindergarten level of reading and she was bound for 3rd grade. Been a month and half and she is at 3rd grade reading level!
Natasha Aldrete

We really like this app We haven't been using this app for very long, but so far, we absolutely adore it. My children are more engaged and interested in reading. As a mother of kids with special needs who battle daily with Apraxia and Dyslexia, I can clearly see the improvements and the immense effort that has been put into this app. My only suggestion would be to replace the phrase 'Do your best to read' with something more encouraging like 'Keep trying, you're doing great, let's aim even higher" or "You're putting in so much effort, we can do even better.: There are times when my son responds to the AI with, "I'm really trying," so it seems he doesn't quite resonate with the current prompt. But apart from that, we absolutely adore the app.

My LJ just started Readability yesterday and is doing Great! So happy for my baby 😌💙🙌🏽✨
Tiffany Desireé

Just downloaded after a very frustrating teachers conference on Friday, and my son had read 4 books. It went surprisingly well. I definitely will be making sure this is something we do together, and on his own. So far I have nothing but great things to say!!
Judy Sunset Vaughn-Pringle

I am a working with a girl who has what I believe to be a slight case of dyslexia. This app is a game changer I highly recommend it!
Elizabeth Gaynor Sterman

Ok so i just purchased this about an hour ago. My daughter who is 9 was super reluctant to use it. When she realized it was for reading she looked physically defeated. She hates reading and really struggles. But we made a packed that I sign her up she will play on this app Monday through Friday for 21 minutes a day. We set it up.. she went to the library and we were both delighted to see so many types of books. They had a bunch of science stuff which she loves. Well folks it has now been 45 min and she is on her 4th book... I can hear her reading it out loud and little side remarks like "no way" "there can be 5 eclipses in a year" haha she came out saying ok mom this app is pretty cool.
Pamela Glines

Love this app!!! It did a complete 180 with my daughter's reading....she in second grade. Was at kindergarten reading level she in second grade. Was at a kinder garten reading level and in 3 momths she was up tp her class.
Crystal London

My daugther who has Down Syndrome is loving it so far. It's only been two days but I see her recognizing more words and sounding them out as she goes. She's so happy when she finishes a book 💜 I was surprised at how well the app recognizes what she is saying as she does have a bit of trouble with enunciation. I'll come back and update my review after 30 days but I definitely feel like this is going to help her 🙂
Chrissy Hunt

The app asks them comprehension questions about what they read to make sure they are actually comprehending what they read. It's pretty neat. We just got it for my daughter who has been struggling with her reading and she loves the app, and I can observe while she reads because she has to read it outloud and she has to answer the questions to move on. My little one was also guilty of making up stories to go along with the picture of books to "pretend" she was reading but this app catches when she does that as she has to say correct words before she can move on. So, naturally that behavior is sorting itself out.
Chesney Fix

We have only had this for a few weeks but I can already see a difference in my daughter's reading confidence!
Katherine Vandenbroeke

My daughter has focus issues and is dyslexic...I could cry seeing how much she is loving to read now because of this app. 💜
Allie Helton

This app helped my second grader immensely. He is truly an entirely different reader than he was two months ago. His teachers are blown away by the change. Thank you!
Angela Patullo

Thank you Readability for being here when I needed you most for my child! He passed his EOG thanks to your app!
Stephanie .

I am so thankful Facebook suggested this my daughter has such bad dyslexia she was reading at about a kindergarten level and within 4 months of using this app she has moved up to a 5th grade level. The amount of confidence it has given her is amazing, she turned 13 back in October.
Amber Jayne Nobbe

My autistic son loves your app to read books. His reading skills have improved a lot. Thanks for building an inclusive app for neurodivergent kids

This has been awesome for my 3rd grader! She normally fights reading because it's hard for her..I have stop her from reading in this and she feels so proud of herself! Love the word by word guidance and pronunciation guide!
Mary Viau

I love this app as well it has really helped my daughter with her reading she is starting to feel more confident and enjoying it instead of just seeing if her time is up 😊 I believe my second grader is dyslexic and we have really be struggling been on the waitlist for six months to be tested and still have 8 months on the list! This app has helped her already so much in 2 weeks she has even already leveled up! She even wants to read now when before it was a fight.
Allison Hayes

Well my child is 9. They have ruled out any disabilities however, he just could not read. So I have did hooked on phonics for 5+ years and it never helped. He was held back in 1st grade and this year I decided at the end of the year not to push him through until he could read. I paid for this app and our summers in Florida are 2 months, so for the last 2 months I have made him do an hour a day. No he does not like it however his doctor does feel he is so behind because he just doesn't want to. I listen to him and the way the app corrects him is truly amazing. After 2 months my child can read full stories. The app had him understanding words within like 2 weeks but all in all I recommend this to any adult who works and the school is just not cutting it. Great app. I tell everyone about this app, even teachers. Thank you.
Lou Lou

Just subscribed yesterday and my 6 year old loves it! When he woke up this morning, the first thing he said to me was 'Mommy, it's time for me to read!' Reading always seemed like a chore for him, but in a matter of 2 days Readability has changed that! Can't wait to see how much progress he makes. Such a blessing! I'm hoping to get him on grade level or higher before he goes into 2nd grade! Thank you Readability!
Chanell Garcia

I started the free trial for my daughter just last night - she has not been diagnosed as being dyslexic - but has struggled with the blending of phoneme sounds (she is in the 4th grade and 9 years old); as a reading teacher this issue has had me very disheartened. I told her about this new app that I downloaded just for her; she is loving to choose the books to read. The comprehension questions are making her focus - she is repeating the narrator and appreciates the hints when needed. I am loving to hear her say that she wants to continue reading when asked. She loves getting the stars. In addition, when she stumbles, I am able to immediately provide direct instruction on those words or further explain what she misunderstood. This morning she opened the app on my phone without me having to tell her to do so. Today is day 2 of using the app; may she flourish in reading is my daily prayer.
Jeovani-Yudith Maradiaga

My youngest hates to read. She is struggling a lot. I downloaded this app 2 days ago and she has read 10 books! My other two kids love it too. They have been fighting over who gets to read! 😂 I think it has to do with the technology aspect. Kids are so used to using tech for everything now. It's immediate feedback. The voice detection pauses when they miss a word and at a click they can hear the word they're missing. Each book they complete feels like an accomplishment (and it is) because they get a visual of everything they've read. They don't have to depend on an adult hovering to correct mistakes either. They can feel independent while using the App.
Jennifer Van Norman

"So if your kids are having trouble reading, Readability is awesome. I didn't go with Ello this time because I didn't feel they were where they needed to be to do that.
Also Readability does a free 30 day trial.

So I recommend it all Hooked on Phonics Read With Ello, and readability.

One doesn't work for all. I'm so glad there are many options."
Lacey Payson

This has changed my daughter's life!! She went from tears and struggling to confident and progressing so quickly!! We have only had this app for 6 weeks and the difference is unbelievable. So grateful!
Kristen Weidner

So I usually don't post on these apps, but I did download it and I am a subscriber. My son is in seventh grade and suffers from dyslexia and reading issues all around. I am very happy that he has gained a little bit of confidence and I hear him reading at night in his room by himself, even though he's at a low level still, I see the progress With our busy lives. He is able to do it all on his own and I can see the progress on my app. I love how it sends me a reminder to remind him that he has to read. He has moved up two levels already and very happy. He can see the levels where n elevels Up
Pearl-Gus Castillo,

I just ordered it earlier and msy son who never can sit for more that 5 mintues sat there for 35 min and never gave up mad,
Julie Swann Mitchell

First day for my dyslexic son, and we like it so far. It's easy to set up and use. He read independently without me hovering. We never did that before. I almost cried happy tears 🥹
Vinciane Freeman

Hi I'm a student in 5 grade and at first my grades were very low but now I'm there so high I want give everyone that made this app a hug 😊
Kennide j

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