Build Vocabulary

If a child does not understand the meaning of the words they read, they are not learning.

By exploring words, their usage, and meaning, a child's vocabulary will expand, resulting in an improvement in reading comprehension and overall reading skills.


Grow Vocabulary

Readability helps children grow vocabulary by encouraging word exploration through engaging and immersive story narratives.

Experts agree that children need a deep understanding of the words that make up the majority of the English language. By depicting words in various contexts, we teach children the multiple definitions and inflections of words. Repeated practice through reading will help them remember the meaning of these words.


How it Works

Readability's AI tutor pronounces every word a child discovers and reads each word's meaning. Once a child taps on a word, the AI tutor:

  • Pronounces the word
  • Reads the meaning out loud
  • Provides context for the meaning

This word is then added to a child's vocabulary list, where they can further practice and learn.

Meet your Child at their Level

We give parents (and educators) the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids while practicing vocabulary. Children can review words again and again to master meaning, context and pronunciation, while you cheer them on.


When Readability becomes part of a child's daily routine, they will build confidence and improve their grades, leading to future academic success.

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