How to Help Bilingual Children with Reading in Dual Languages

Help Bilingual Children with Reading

Many families in the United States are bilingual. Children might grow up proficient in both their family’s native language (Spanish, Chinese, etc.) and in English. When bilingual children are learning to read their parents or caregivers might wonder how best to guide their journey to ensure that children can read fluently in both languages. Osceola … Read more

How Parents Can Help Children Set Reading Goals

Set Reading Goals

Regular reading sessions at home can help children practice their reading skills, feel more confident and become more proficient readers. Reading daily also helps children immerse in a good book while exercising their minds. Teachers and school districts might stipulate a certain amount of reading minutes that children are expected to accrue daily. While reading … Read more

Here’s How Reading Aloud Helps Children with Reading Proficiency

How Reading Aloud Helps Children

As children progress through elementary school, reading and literacy expectations become more challenging. While most parents know that daily reading is beneficial to their child and might even be a homework requirement for school, how a child reads also could provide benefits. Silent reading denotes the act of reading to oneself or reading in the … Read more

How to Teach Reading in Kindergarten

How to Teach Reading in Kindergarten

Children might learn to read at different ages. Some children are ready to read at a younger age; in fact, they might be reading before they start kindergarten. For other children, parents might work on pre-reading skills to help them have the readiness for reading when they start kindergarten. When children enter kindergarten, they will be exposed … Read more

Googling ‘How to Help My Son with School in Reading Comprehension?’ Use these Tips

How to Help My Son with School in Reading Comprehension

As children reach later elementary grade levels, reading comprehension becomes more complex. Children might need to understand more than just the basics of comprehension and think beyond the w/h questions. In fourth and fifth grade, students might be expected to make predictions and infer meaning from context. Parents who find that they are searching for … Read more