How to Teach a First Grader to Read

How to Teach a First Grader to Read

School districts that focus literacy education on ‘the science of reading’ utilize phonics instruction to ensure children master the decoding skills necessary for reading proficiency. In first grade, students also will work on comprehension skills to answer the w/h questions: who, what, where, when, why and how. First graders will gain fluency as they move … Read more

How a Pandemic Learning Loss Pushed Children Further Behind

Pandemic Learning Loss

For children, the Covid-19 pandemic inflicted damage beyond the virus; as the country shutdown to stop the spread, schools closed their doors to in-person learning, and, in the process, altered the daily routine and diminished access to education for millions of students. Remote learning became a new normal, but the quality of this instruction was … Read more

How Common are Reading Disabilities?

Reading Disabilities

Parents of children who struggle to read might not know where to find help for their child. Learning about the child’s reading struggle could be a shock to parents, but others might have noticed their child was falling behind grade level expectations. While children could receive additional reading intervention and instruction at school, not all … Read more