Experts agree that listening to stories read aloud has clear cognitive benefits, and also strengthens a child's social, emotional, and character development.

Whether your child is starting their reading journey by sounding out letters, or is in need of reading help, StoryTime can help.


Original Stories

Storytime offers engaging stories that can awaken your child's imagination and increase their desire to read.

Our library holds hundreds of stories that your child will love, with new stories added every week.

After selecting a book from the library, a child can listen while our AI tutor reads to them.

As the AI Tutor reads, words are highlighted so your child can associate each written word with its sound. This models strong fluency and prepares them to understand the meaning of each word.


Multisensory Learning

By simultaneously hearing the word and seeing the word as it's read, StoryTime helps children learn to decode language through both phonemic and phonetic awareness.

In addition, colorful illustrations bring the story to life as the book is narrated. These illustrations visually guide the child's understanding of the story to help boost a child's comprehension as the plot unfolds.

While listening to stories, your child starts to build vocabulary, pronunciation skills, and starts to gain the fundamentals of reading comprehension.

Appropriate for All Ages

  • Toddlers and preschoolers can use Storytime as an introduction to language and reading. They will enjoy listening to their favorite stories and gain a love and appreciation for books.
  • Kindergarteners and first-graders can use Storytime to enhance and support their classroom reading curriculum and increase their reading confidence and proficiency.
  • Older children will love Storytime, too. We believe a child is never too old to have a story read aloud to them. Storytime can increase their reading enjoyment and provide them with a quiet moment to simply listen to a great story and enjoy the reading journey.

Whether your child is a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, Storytime will engage your child and help them improve focus and attention and prepare them for when they are ready to read.

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Fun & educational grade-level stories come to life with bright illustrations.

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