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Measure Reading Progress

The reading log can now be a thing of the past!

Readability takes the guesswork out of how long your child spent reading. We provide a powerful tool to track a child's reading abilities and provide real-time accountability.

  • reading-duration

    Total Reading Duration

  • average-accuracy

    Average Accuracy

  • comprehension-1

    Reading Comprehension

  • fluency

    Fluency (words per minute)


Track your Child's Reading Progress

As a child reads aloud, Readability tracks their reading progress in real-time and shows the improvement your child is making.

With our Progress Dashboard, parents and educators can measure and track:

  • How many books a child has read
  • The duration of time a child has read
  • Reading accuracy and fluency (i.e. words read per minute)
  • Review and understand a child's reading comprehension levels

Customized Reading Reports

Our Progress Dashboard empowers parents and educators alike to better understand a child's reading progress and patterns.

Parents and educators can view daily, weekly or monthly reading data and create customized Reading Reports. Reports include the Lexile levels and corresponding Accredited Reader points. These reports can be emailed to a child's teacher or tutor to help facilitate communication.

Readability provides the support students need in order to learn to read independently utilizing the most advanced technology and a research-based approach.

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