How to Use Elementary School Leveled Reading Apps to Guide the Reading Journey

Elementary School Leveled Reading Apps

Reading skills build throughout each grade level. Even high school students accumulate new vocabulary and critical thinking skills that enable them to find deeper meanings in books and texts. As children move into new grade levels, they will add new layers of knowledge as they gain more confidence and proficiency in their reading. Some children … Read more

Covering the Covid Learning Gap

Covid Learning Gap

2023 is going to be a very telling year for reading education since it is the first full year that many students have returned to school after the Covid-19 pandemic. Most schools closed their classrooms in March 2020 to comply with social distancing requirements, and many spent the 2020-2021 school year six months later in … Read more

How to Teach Reading in Kindergarten

How to Teach Reading in Kindergarten

Children might learn to read at different ages. Some children are ready to read at a younger age; in fact, they might be reading before they start kindergarten. For other children, parents might work on pre-reading skills to help them have the readiness for reading when they start kindergarten. When children enter kindergarten, they will be exposed … Read more

Googling ‘How to Help My Son with School in Reading Comprehension?’ Use these Tips

How to Help My Son with School in Reading Comprehension

As children reach later elementary grade levels, reading comprehension becomes more complex. Children might need to understand more than just the basics of comprehension and think beyond the w/h questions. In fourth and fifth grade, students might be expected to make predictions and infer meaning from context. Parents who find that they are searching for … Read more

What are the Most Common US School Reading Programs?

US School Reading Programs

Every school might have their own preference or guidelines related to how they teach reading and what programs they used to help guide the literacy journey of students. Public school districts abide by education guidelines in the state, and private schools might have their own focused methodologies. Computer-based reading programs are commonly used in many … Read more