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With over 20 years of tech experience and an army of child development professionals, reading specialists, and education experts, we created Readability.

As technology entrepreneurs, we've had the privilege to contribute to the advancement of humanity through tech. Our collective passion has always been to ensure the end-user of our products enjoys huge benefits. Now, we are taking the world of education by storm with the industry's first reading and comprehension learning technology that levels the playing field for all kids.


There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all.

- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Readability is the only learning app of its kind to help improve reading and comprehension in young and struggling readers, making it unlike anything else on the market. Readability brings together Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Speech Recognition, Comprehension with Interactive Voice-based Questions & Answers (IVQA), Fun Content, Real-Time Performance Tracking, and Gamification within one mobile app to help young children become strong readers.

Practicing pace and pronunciation through reading aloud helps kids build the foundation needed to become excellent readers. With Readability, they'll also learn a variety of reading skills including accuracy, fluency, speed, decoding, and comprehension. In addition, their confidence will blossom and so will their passion for reading.

By helping your child to improve their reading skills and grow a love of reading, we will be setting them up for a lifetime of success. We aim to achieve this goal by providing the tools necessary for children to develop their reading, comprehension, and critical thinking skills In an innovative way, all while fostering a love of reading through fun and engaging content.

We also felt it was imperative to provide parents with tools to accurately track their child's reading progress to ensure they are on the right path. This dashboard includes time spent reading, reading level progress, comprehension checks, and more - all at a glance.

We won't stop here, though. We have so much in store to continue to bring you and your child the best reading help. If you'd like to follow our journey and learn more about Readability, please feel free to follow us on Facebook, lnstagram ,Twitter and Pinterest.


Research consistently shows strong correlation to reading & academic success at all ages.

- National Center 'or Educational Statistics



Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Readability has been chosen by the Howtolearn.comTeam as a Parent and Teacher Choice Award winner.The team was impressed by their ease to use, gamification style to hold the child's interest and more.

"When we reviewed this app, we discovered everything a reading specialist and learning expert would want - progress checking, quizzes that are not multiple choice and kindly request that your child rethinks their answer if they get it wrong - then after 3-4 tries, gives them them answer, repetition of words they got correct and wrong in future segments, and your child gets to read aloud increasing their fluency and word recognition as well!"

Readability has proudly been honored with their gold medal in the app category. Please read more here.


Mom's Choice Awards

The Mom's Choice Awards® has chosen Readability as among the best in family-friendly media, products and services. The MCA evaluation process uses a proprietary methodology in which entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal, and cost. For this, Readability is honored to have earned this prestigious award.

We won't stop here, though. We have so much in store to continue to bring you and your child the best reading help. If you'd like to follow our journey and learn more about Readability, please feel free to follow us on Facebook, lnstagram and Pinterest.


Educational App Store

The Educational App Store is a discovery, review, and recommendation platform for educational apps. The apps approved by the Educational App Store are certified and reviewed by experienced teachers. With thousands of learning tools out there, Educational App Store believes in challenging the status quo of app discovery by identifying truly exceptional apps to highlight for our young learners.

According to the Educational App Store, "Readability Tutor develops the reading skills of children. It is the first reading app that makes use of cutting-edge speech recognition and artificial intelligence technology."

Team members from the Educational App Store believe that with this technology, children won't have to wait until parents and teachers are free to listen. Instead, children can read to their mobile device, and the app models how to speak each word and sentence correctly and points out when they've made a mistake.

"Readability Tutor increases the opportunities for children to engage in practice sessions so they can really see their reading skills grow."





Ameeta leads overall Readability vision, brand, and business. Over the past 20 years, Ameeta has leveraged her extensive experience in brand strategy, product development, and strategic partnerships to build several thriving businesses in the areas of energy efficiency, smart home technology, and child safety.

Ameeta is also a member of the executive team at Energy Datametrics, a top provider of energy efficiency software to some of the nation's leading energy conservation programs. In addition to her prolific and influential work in the field of energy efficiency. Ameeta co-founded TeenSafe, a leading parental mobile app. Her work as chief spokesperson and lead brand strategist was instrumental in making TeenSafe a leader in its industry.




Dr. Kanika Kadakia holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California. Her passion for literacy and discussion has influenced much of her work in education.

Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the importance of meaningful opportunities in early childhood education. Her children's series, Inspired by her two children, Teddy In Trouble, encourages dialogue between adults and young readers and Invites children to verbalize their understanding of the situation by studying the pictures together. Previously, she taught kindergarten and 4th grade in Los Angeles and currently, she teaches 7th and 8th grade History in Santa Ana. Dr. Kadakia also co-leads an organization. You Matter Too. which aims to provide mental health care services as a preventative means to child abuse and neglect.




Marcela leads Readability's marketing team. Marcela's career started in digital marketing back in 1999. As an industry veteran with nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience, Marcela travels the world speaking about SEO, data-driven marketing strategies, and workflow automation and optimization. Marcela has worked with hundreds of companies, large and small, to optimize their presence. She loves supporting companies with products that make the world a better place.




Donna Nomann-Loomis, MEd., is a respected educational advisor, consultant, speaker in the area of reading and literacy. Currently, she is a reading supervisor In the Kathleen Muth Reading Center at Chapman University. Under her supervision, reading and writing instruction is given to approximately 100 culturally and linguistically diverse elementary student each year while the Chapman students earn graduate degrees in education.

Her experience in crafting and designing curriculum to accelerate literacy learning makes her a highly sought after consultant, speaker and trainer towards educators and parents. Donna has been awarded many high honors including Teacher of the Year, Golden Oak Service Award, PTA, and innovator Recipient for Outstanding Program Design. She has co-authored several educational grants, which successfully funded. Her enthusiasm and passion for reading is contagious.




Sukant leads Readability product, marketing, and business strategy. He is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with 22 years of technology leader- ship and executive management experience. Other ventures: Founder. CEO of Energy Datametrics (EDW), leading energy efficiency and conservation software used by the nation's largest energy companies and their customers. Founder of TeenSafe. the leading mobile parental monitoring software. Founder of Visionaire, highly respected technology incubator.

Helping Libraries Build Connections and Strengthen Learning Communities. Gale, a Cengage company, partners with librarians and educators around the world to connect learners to essential content through user-friendly technology that enhances experiences and improves learning outcomes.

Helping Libraries Build Connections and Strengthen Learning Communities. Gale, a Cengage company, partners with librarians and educators around the world to connect learners to essential content through user-friendly technology that enhances experiences and improves learning outcomes.


Headquartered in New York, HarperCollins has publishing operations in 17 countries. With two hundred years of history and more than 120 branded imprints around the world, HarperCollins publishes approximately 10,000 new books every year in 16 languages, and has a print and digital catalog of more than 200,000 titles. Writing across dozens of genres, HarperCollins authors include winners of the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, the Newbery and Caldecott Medals, and the Man Booker Prize.


Mascot Books, founded in 2003, has published more than 2,500 fiction and nonfiction children's books and has established itself as one of America's fastest growing and most respected independent publishing houses.


Capstone is the nation’s leading educational publisher for digital solutions, children’s books, and literacy programs for school libraries and classrooms! Home of the award-winning PebbleGo™ research database, Capstone has a passion for creating inspired learning and intellectual curiosity in children.


Reading aloud to young children is not only one of the best activities to stimulate language skills; it also builds motivation, curiosity and memory.

-Bardige. B. Talk to me, baby! (2009), Paul h Brookes pub co.

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