Step Up for Students Offers Scholarships that Help Pay for Readability, But How Do Students Qualify?

Step Up for Students

Parents might have learned about a program called Step Up for Students that provides scholarship opportunities for children who struggle to read at a proficient level. The program allows students who qualify to allocate their scholarship funds towards private tutoring, literacy programs and other materials that can help them gain reading proficiency. However, Step Up … Read more

Readability Launches New Reading Assessment Tool

Readability Launches New Reading Assessment Tool

Readability is proud to announce the launch of a new reading assessment tool that is designed to help parents understand their child’s reading level and literacy proficiency in only a minute. This is the only free reading assessment that is offered online. The assessment evaluates a child’s reading ability for fluency and comprehension proficiency. After … Read more

How to Use a Kindergarten Reading Assessment

Kindergarten Reading Assessment

Children in kindergarten are new to the reading adventure. However, children can start kindergarten at different reading readiness levels. In fact, one study showed that children whose parents regularly read to them five books per day came to kindergarten knowing more than one million more words than students who didn’t hear any books read aloud. … Read more

What is the Orton-Gillingham Approach to Reading?

Orton-Gillingham Approach to Reading

Princeton Public Schools (PPS) announced that it was changing the way the district taught literacy. PPS plans to move to a reading curriculum that adheres to the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach to reading instruction. This curriculum change is significant in that OG is an approach that is used to help children who struggle with reading and … Read more