Revolutionize Reading Instruction: The Power of Multisensory Learning Strategies

Child engaging in multisensory reading with a tactile book to enhance learning.

Reading is a foundational skill that serves as a gateway to personal and educational development. It is not merely a practical ability but a critical element in facilitating cognitive growth, language acquisition, and the capacity to access and process information. Reading opens up entire worlds of knowledge, imagination, and understanding, allowing individuals to partake in … Read more

Reading Books for 5-Year-Olds: Free Apps and the Best Book Choices

Reading Books for 5-Year-Olds

Children who are five-years-old are either still in preschool or starting kindergarten. At this age, children are starting to read very basic text, and they are grasping phonics concepts that allow them to understand letter blends and patterns. Phonetically, they learn the sounds of these letters and blends, too. Parents of five-year-olds should read to … Read more

These are the Best Free Learning Apps for Kids

Free Learning Apps for Kids

Apps and online games create immersive learning experiences for children when they are designed to facilitate educational progress. Parents can find apps that focus on science, history, math, and reading. However, finding the best app requires parents to do their research. Not all learning apps help children learn. When searching available apps via the App … Read more

A Simple App for Tracking Books Read Helps Parents Understand Reading Habits

app for tracking books read

Many teachers require children to track nightly reading minutes; these reading logs require a parent’s initial to ensure that the assignment has been completed. However, these logs don’t always paint an accurate picture of a child’s reading data. Children who accrue their nightly reading minutes don’t always progress in their reading. While dedicating time to … Read more

How to Uncover the Best Free Apps for 6-Year-Olds

Best Free Apps For 6-Year-Olds

The typical six-year-old attends either kindergarten or first grade, depending on the birthday cut-offs for the district. In kindergarten, children learn to read and this includes classroom assignments related to phonic skills to help them master decoding, sounds, and patterns. First graders continue to sharpen their phonics mastery and begin to read more immersive books–some … Read more

How to Discover the Best Phonics Apps for Kids

Phonics Apps for Kids

Learning how to decode words is crucial for developing early reading skills and guiding children to be fluent and proficient readers. Decoding relies on identifying and mastering sound blends, letter patterns, and learning the isolated sound(s) of each individual letter in the alphabet. More schools are embracing the Science of Reading; this literacy strategy relies … Read more