How to Use Elementary School Leveled Reading Apps to Guide the Reading Journey

Elementary School Leveled Reading Apps

Reading skills build throughout each grade level. Even high school students accumulate new vocabulary and critical thinking skills that enable them to find deeper meanings in books and texts. As children move into new grade levels, they will add new layers of knowledge as they gain more confidence and proficiency in their reading. Some children … Read more

What is a Story Reader App?

Story Reader App

Children and adults should read frequently. However, regular reading time for children is especially important to help them gain proficiency and confidence and reach grade-level literacy benchmarks. Daily reading homework is usually assigned by teachers across all elementary grade levels; even kindergartners might be expected to read 15 to 20 minutes per day at home. … Read more

This is the Best App to Read Books to a Child

Best App to Read

While studies have shown that children whose parent or caregiver reads five books to them per day know one million more words in kindergarten than children whose parents don’t read to them, not all parents have the time to read to their children. There is a way for parents to bridge the learning gap for … Read more

The Best Reading Apps for iPad Include Games, Comprehension Apps and This Guided Reading App

Reading Apps for iPad

Smartphones and tablets can be a great option for children to read books anywhere and listen to favorite books via audio formats. While many children are required to accrue a specific number of reading minutes each day for homework, the majority read less than 15 minutes per day Mobile devices could provide convenient access to … Read more

The Best Reading Apps for Elementary School Offer These Features

Best Reading Apps for Elementary School

While each school district might have their own preferences of reading apps and programs they use in their classrooms, incorporating research-based reading programs and apps into the curriculum can help students in all grades levels gain proficiency and confidence, too. Reading is crucial to learning; unfortunately, one in four children will grow up not knowing … Read more

How Reading Apps for Students Could Decrease the Reading Achievement Gap

Reading Apps for Students

While many parents might take literacy as an educational ‘given,’ learning to read and becoming a proficient reader don’t always correlate. Some children might not possess the skills necessary to begin their early literacy journey, and others might fall behind and never catch up to peers. Statistics show that one in three children entering kindergarten … Read more