These are the Best Reading Tools to Use at Home

Reading Tools

Children need to read regularly to become better at reading. Some children might grab books each night and feel excited about reading, but others might push back when parents ask them to read. While daily reading is often part of a child’s daily homework from school, parents can help simplify the reading task by encouraging … Read more

Best Learning Apps for Kids of All Ages

Keeping children engaged in learning both in school and at home has become a growing challenge that many households now face. Thankfully, technology is helping to fill that gap between the classroom and the living room. With mobile devices becoming so popular that nearly every age has a gadget tailored for their needs, getting programs … Read more

Are There Apps for Toddlers?

Apps for Toddlers

The idea of a toddler using an app on a cell phone or tablet may seem outrageous to some, but the fact that toddler apps exist and are in demand shows that parents do have many uses for them. While young children should be monitored around technology, they live in a technological world, and that … Read more

What Are the Best Apps for Preschoolers?

Best Apps for Preschoolers

Screens are all over, and kids these days are getting used to having them around at a very young age. While it may be desirable to try to keep young children off them, adults model using screens because we rely on them for so many tasks. If screen time can be functional for adults, can … Read more

How to Use Elementary School Leveled Reading Apps to Guide the Reading Journey

Elementary School Leveled Reading Apps

Reading skills build throughout each grade level. Even high school students accumulate new vocabulary and critical thinking skills that enable them to find deeper meanings in books and texts. As children move into new grade levels, they will add new layers of knowledge as they gain more confidence and proficiency in their reading. Some children … Read more

What is a Story Reader App?

Story Reader App

Children and adults should read frequently. However, regular reading time for children is especially important to help them gain proficiency and confidence and reach grade-level literacy benchmarks. Daily reading homework is usually assigned by teachers across all elementary grade levels; even kindergartners might be expected to read 15 to 20 minutes per day at home. … Read more