Free Online Reading Comprehension Programs in Times of Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

Free Online Reading Comprehension Programs in Times of Coronavirus

When looking for free online reading comprehension programs, it can be easy to get lost in the results. Almost every website that comes up in search results is offering a different angle or promise.

Many often say that they offer a completely “free online reading comprehension program”, but as soon as you start to use their services there is a hidden fee or catch. Some even charge you as soon as you arrive, despite promising free services.

If you are looking for free reading options, please take the time to read this first.

Chances are that you are currently going to be homeschooling for a while, especially with new procedures and regulations around controlling the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

However, just because the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc with our routines, doesn’t mean that our children can continue to learn and improve with an effective reading comprehension program.

Covid 19 is likely here for a while, so we hope what is in this article will help to equip parents with the right tools to keep them learning in your ‘at home school’.

Let’s get them prepared for their return to normal schooling with a higher level of reading ability.

Are Free Reading Programs Worth the Cost?

Some services that are free can provide free reading activities and materials. However, unless they are owned by the government, they likely need to make money in other ways.

If you aren’t paying for the service directly, then chances are that you are paying for it in some other way.

Here are some of the ways you could end up paying for these free services:

  • If they don’t charge for their own product, they might push products of other people as an affiliate (they get commissions on sales)
  • Advertising is another way they can earn from visitors to a “free website”. Some of this advertising may also collect your or your child’s personal data and web usage
  • Selling another ‘related’ product that they have, such as an ebook
  • Pushing for donations to their website with emails, popups and more
  • Selling your details to others, such as generating leads for others in a similar niche when you sign up
  • Email marketing is also common, where they will promote the products of affiliates or related products they want you to buy

While there are some less intrusive ways to earn from a free website, such as selling sponsored blog posts, most websites that offer free services/products will employ at least a few of the above approaches.

However, what this means for you is that your data and your child’s use of the web is probably being used for marketing companies and lead generation. You will also likely get lots of popups, adverts, emails, etc. while using their ‘free’ service.

Have you ever noticed that after you search for a certain product, adverts for that item start appearing everywhere, such as on your social media pages, email account and more? This is because of marketing cookies and data.

So, if you aren’t paying ‘directly’, you will likely pay another way.

Free Online Reading Comprehension Programs in Times of Coronavirus

What is the Best Online Reading Program?

We are proud of what Readability has become. We don’t try to trick you into buying or earn from your data. Instead, all we ask for is a low fee for access.

Why don’t we provide Readability for free? Because we want to help children learn to read and provide parents with the tools they need in a clean and honest way.

This means that with our website and app, there is nothing that needs prints and no annoying adverts. Our product is focused on helping your child to read and only that.

Because it isn’t free, we are also able to constantly develop its features and content. Here are some of what’s available:

  1. Advanced AI tutor that can recognize the incorrect pronunciation of words, then gives feedback and example correct pronunciation.
  2. Because the AI never judges a child, children can grow in confidence with full support both privately with the AI, or by reading with caregivers.
  3. Our app provides the option to read anywhere and at anytime with full support.
  4. All books can be read aloud, allowing children to enjoy listening and follow the story as the app reads to them.
  5. A vibrant library or level appropriate texts helps to keep children interested.
  6. Colorful illustrations help to increase comprehension and make the books more visually interesting.
  7. Our AI will structure the course readings to the child’s individual level and preferences.
  8. Caregivers get full live reports.
  9. Caregivers can set reading goals. If possible, try to link reaching goals with rewards (never with punishments).
  10. See clear improvement tracking and even have multiple readers per application.

Of course, we don’t expect you to pay without trying. So, although this isn’t a free online reading comprehension program, we offer a free 7-day trial of our reading tutor. This way, you can see how much better a paid app is over “free” online reading websites.