AI-Powered Reading Apps for Kids

March 12, 2020

AI-Powered Reading Apps for Kids

Reading isn’t an easy skill to grasp. But, new technologies and reading apps for kids have been helping to make the process a more enjoyable and rounded experience for all the young learners out there.

Those struggling to read require additional support and practice, preferably provided as soon as the issue is discovered. If someone finds reading challenging, the problem will most likely only get bigger as time passes (without extra support).

When a child struggles to read, it can be embarrassing and frustrating. Traditional methods have often involved additional practice classes or separated ‘special classes’ for struggling readers.

However, as things have progressed, reading apps and websites have come into the picture more and more. These apps not only allow the reader to practice in fun ways and in addition to tuition but also provided teachers with extra resources and parents with affordable options.

Now, a new form of assistance is entering the scene. AI-driven reading apps for kids. These apps harness the power of AI, combined with fun activities and large reading libraries.

In this article, we take a look at how AI reading tutors are helping young readers and saving parents money on traditional tutoring fees. They may not be a ‘fix all’ solution, but they are a great aid to anyone struggling to learn this skill.

AI-Powered Reading Apps for Kids

How can an AI Reading Companion Help My Child?

A child who is struggling will likely feel some level of embarrassment and frustration. When you can’t do something as well as the people around you, you can start to feel less able and lose confidence.

This is often made worse with other children teasing, or adults getting frustrated when homework or other tasks aren’t completed on time. Reading affects so many areas of a child’s life that not being able to read can sometimes make them completely lose confidence, withdraw, and give up on trying.

An AI tutor is the perfect way to help them learn at their own pace while being totally supported by their own personal tutor that’s available anytime and anyplace. Best of all, it can be done privately without judgment.

AI-powered reading apps for kids can include the following features and benefits:

  1. Large range of materials that cater to all ages and levels.
  2. Fun picture-packed reading materials.
  3. Stories are funny and exciting to make sure reading is a good experience.
  4. Materials matched to the reader for custom courses that are perfectly set up for their level and interests.
  5. Stories are read aloud in a natural voice, allowing the child to hear how words should sound while they follow in the book.
  6. An AI-tutor will never make them feel bad about their reading ability. There are no facial or tonal signals of disappointment. Only supportive feedback and assistance.
  7. Live feedback and correction as they read will enable your child to learn faster.
  8. Full custom reports for parents and these can be provided for more than one learner, allowing for easy tracking of the family’s progress.

AI-driven reading apps for kids have unlocked a new way to help them improve . However, it also provides a wonderful way for children to explore stories and reading in places where they feel most comfortable. This can, in turn, lead to them enjoying reading and reading itself becoming a hobby.

AI-Powered Reading Apps for Kids

What is the Best App to Teach a Child to Read?

The best app to teach a child to read would be one that responds to each child and adapts to their level and interests. This is not possible without using some level of AI (artificial intelligence).

An AI reading app has the benefit of customizing the course and support to each child, no matter how many children are studying. By providing individual feedback and perfectly matched reading materials, an AI tutor can help to encourage growth in a fun and safe way.

The AI customized reading support helps to motivate kids and make reading enjoyable. They can study individually and with adults, sometimes wanting to show off their newfound skills to a real person.

Of course, the AI can’t do this without a substantial reading library, and that is why at Readability we continuously expand. Not only do we have hundreds of amazing stories for all levels, but we are constantly developing new content to make sure kids WANT to read as much as possible.

This way, our AI reading tutor can continually suggest amazing content for your child to explore, while giving them full support and sending reports to their carers.

If you are ready to try an AI reading app with your child, then why not take our free trial for a spin.