Effective Ways To Utilize Reading Comprehension Online Programs

August 25, 2020

Effective Ways To Utilize Reading Comprehension Online Programs

Many students struggle when they are first learning to read, especially with reading comprehension. Students who never receive reading intervention early on often end up struggling throughout school, so it is important to take steps right away when you notice that your child is having trouble with reading.

A great way to help them improve their reading skills is to use reading comprehension online programs. The key is to use reading comprehension online programs effectively at home so that your child is actually improving their reading skills. 

What is reading comprehension?

Reading comprehension is being able to understand and interpret a text. If your child is successful with reading comprehension, they should be able to:

  1. Decode what they read. Meaning they can easily identify the words and sentences.
  2. Make connections between the reading and what they already know.
  3. Think deeply about what they just read and analyze the material.

New readers that are not able to summarize what they have read or think of ways to connect to the reading material might be struggling with reading comprehension.

The best way to improve reading comprehension is to practice reading every day. But, sometimes children get bored with just reading book after book. Today’s young minds need more stimulation than that. That’s where online reading programs can be useful.

Effective Ways To Utilize Reading Comprehension Online Programs

What are effective ways to use reading comprehension online programs?

Even just 15 mins of reading time can vastly improve reading skills. Online reading programs such as reading apps can be a great tool to use for improving your child’s reading skills. Here are some ways to use them effectively every day:

  • Audiobook – Using a reading app as an audiobook gives your child a multisensory learning experience. Children learn in many different ways, not just the traditional classroom format this can help give a different learning experience.
  • Private Tutor – Hiring a private reading tutor can be extremely expensive. Find a reading app that can do the job at a cheaper price such as Readability. Readability gives feedback to your child as they read and provides you with a progress report just like a real-life tutor.
  • Reading break – Your child is likely reading traditional paper books in school. For children resistant to reading because of comprehension issues, this form of reading can quickly become boring. Give them a reading break by using a reading app to give them a different kind of reading experience that is more interactive and engaging.
  • Family game night – Instead of the usual board game, use reading apps for family game night. Everyone has an opportunity to have fun and also practice reading comprehension skills.
  • Screen time savior – Your child is likely getting a lot of screen time but you can make that screen time educational. Download reading apps onto their tablet to encourage them to spend their time playing reading games to help enhance their reading comprehension skills.
  • Let them teach you- Keep your child engaged by having them teach you to read by using the reading comprehension online program. Get them to play teacher because sometimes the best way kids learn is to teach it themselves!

Effective Ways To Utilize Reading Comprehension Online Programs

Why is reading comprehension important?

Reading comprehension occurs everywhere, not just in the classroom. You use it when you read directions for where to go, street signs, filling out forms, and when you follow a recipe. That is why it is so important for your child to master the skill when they are first learning to read.

Reading comprehension is important because it is the primary way your child will learn in school.

Once your child masters reading comprehension they make the switch from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. They no longer are learning a new skill but using the skill as a tool to learn.

Mastering reading comprehension means that your child can understand instructions and directions on their assignments. It also means they are able to understand texts and make connections to them.

Studies show that “good” readers activate prior knowledge in order to help them understand texts and make connections to the reading to help create meaning. This is when your child is able to use reading to learn something new and gain knowledge.

If your child is struggling with reading comprehension, they are not able to gain new knowledge because they cannot make connections to the text. It becomes an endless cycle and your child struggles with comprehension and learning in general.

However, your child’s reading comprehension skills can be improved with the right online program. Readability can help your child improve their reading comprehension and their reading in general. The app has multiple features that can give your child a personalized and engaging experience. Give Readability a try and you will see your child’s reading comprehension improve.