How to Use Free Online Reading Programs

January 17, 2020

Free Online Reading Programs

Is your child having trouble learning how to read? Or, are they showing signs of struggling at home? Using an online reading program is a great way to give them a boost, both in class and during homework time.

Take a look at just a few of the many ways you can use a free online reading program to make your child’s learning faster, smoother, and more enjoyable. 

How Do You Find Free Online Reading Programs?

There are a plethora of free reading resources on the internet, but they aren’t all created equally. To find the best reading app for your kids, there are a few key things to keep in mind. 

Look at the Research

Reviews and research can tell you a lot about the quality of different reading apps. As with most things, the proof is in the pudding.

Most companies post customer testimonials on their product websites, which is a good place to start. Reading user reviews can also help you determine if the program has any bugs or issues to work out.

Before choosing your free reading app, find out if it’s already working for other users. This will save you the time and headache of switching up your kid’s reading routine. 

Give Your Child Room to Grow

Once your child gains more confidence and faith in their reading, they’ll be able to digest a higher amount of information at once. But, many reading apps on the market provide a limited range of stories, resources, and lesson elements.

Choosing a reading app that features a large library of material is the best way to keep your kids interested and engaged.

Opting for a program that incorporates Artificial Intelligence is another way to get more value out of your reading app. By constantly taking in information about your child’s learning habits, AI-enabled apps can learn and adapt accordingly. This results in targeted, tailored activities that are designed to help your children excel.

Reading App With a Free Trial

Test Out Your Reading App With a Free Trial

Even though something is free, it doesn’t always mean that it’s worth your time. Beginning a new reading app is an investment, in any case, so you don’t want to go into the search completely blind.

Opting for a free trial will give you a closer look at the app’s features, interface, and overall user experience. You’ll also be able to see how the app is organized, which will make the start-up process easier should you decide to move forward.

Regardless of a product’s reviews, first-hand experience is the best way to try out an online reading program. Put your research to the test and see for yourself how a mobile reading app can help your children learn how to read

Take Advantage of In-Depth Reporting

Mobile reading apps give you the ability to oversee your child’s progress by setting reading goals and generating detailed reports.

As your child progresses through each story, the program tracks how quickly and fluently they’re able to read the words. If they pause or struggle with certain words or phrases, you’ll be able to determine which areas they need to work on.

Customized user reports give you insight into your child’s:

  • Words per minute
  • Session duration
  • Accuracy
  • Improvement over time

Having access to your kids’ real-time reading data will give you a first-hand look at how quickly they’re advancing between levels, as well as which areas they may be struggling with. This will allow you to address points for improvement, and help your children progress as much as possible.

Provide Support For Your Kids

Provide Support For Your Kids’ Learning Path

Young children who are just starting to learn how to read can easily become frustrated, anxious, or discouraged when they mispronounce or skip over words. Following along with a reading app will build your child’s confidence and strengthen their ability to identify and understand new words and phrases.

Kids learn in a multitude of different ways, and traditional tutoring methods can allow some kids to fall through the cracks. Our online reading program is customizable and optimized to adapt to your child’s reading level and learning needs.

To strengthen their existing learning track, you need a free reading app that’s designed for your child’s reading level. Readability is designed to respond to your child’s reading needs in real-time.

Using a free reading app is an easy way to incorporate technology into your child’s set reading schedule. And, you can take advantage of the best app on the market at no cost with a risk-free trial. Try Readability today to start your children’s learning journey.