How To Find Great Private Reading Tutors Near Me

August 6, 2020

How To Find Great Private Reading Tutors Near Me

Watching your child learn to read for the first time is an exciting time for you and them. While some children can easily jump into reading, many new readers struggle with some parts of learning to read.

Finding your child the right help can mean a lot to improve their reading process. Extra practice at home can help but a private reading tutor can make a big difference in how quickly they improve.

Finding the right tutor for your child is often also a matter of cost. Private in-person tutors can be very expensive. Here are some tips I found to be helpful when looking for great private reading tutors near me and some cheaper, alternative options that can improve your child’s reading skills. 

What does a reading tutor do?

A reading tutor can be a great asset to your child’s reading journey. They can help improve your child’s reading through personalized strategies. Many parents might think that reading tutors just read the materials to their children, but reading tutors often do so much more.

They assess your child’s specific reading issues and then target those issues. A reading tutor will also assess your child’s reading level, so they can check if they are at the appropriate level. They then create a set plan with reading goals for your child. Often a reading tutor will also create personalized activities and materials to help your child reach those reading goals.

When searching for a reading tutor, you want to make sure your child and their tutor get along well. However, you want to make sure that they also stay on task and actually are able to make effective improvements.

How To Find Great Private Reading Tutors Near Me

How do I find a reading tutor?

Finding a private reading tutor is easy, but finding the right tutor for your child can actually be tricky.  The best places to search for a reading tutor are:

  1. Your child’s school – Some schools set up reading buddy systems where an older student helps a younger student learn to read. This could be a great place to start to look for a reading tutor. 
  2. The local college – Many college students try to make some extra cash by working as a private tutor. You can often find listings for college students working as a private tutor in the school’s newspaper or their career center. 
  3. Reading app – Another alternative option is to utilize an online reading tutor such as an app. This is a great way for your child to get personalized tutoring at a cheaper cost and for a much more independent but interactive experience. 

How much is a private reading tutor?

On average a private tutor will cost about $40-50 an hour. This will depend on the tutor’s experience and credentials. Keep in mind that good and high in-demand private reading tutors can cost up to $100 an hour depending on the needs of your child and their reading goals.

Your child most likely will need to meet with their tutor several times a week to see actual improvements and for tutoring to be effective. If your child is meeting with their private tutor even just once a week for only one hour,  that will cost you about $160-400 a month.

Before searching for a tutor, you need to consider if your child could benefit from alternative forms of tutoring. A reading app might be the solution you are looking for if you want a cheaper and more accessible private reading tutor for your child. Using an app as a private reading tutor is an innovative way to make sure your child is getting the reading help they need whenever they need it. 

Why should I use an online reading tutor?

The perfect private reading tutor would be one that could be available whenever your child needs help. However, realistically a private tutor is likely not available 24/7 and often charges high rates. Instead of hiring an expensive tutor, you can help your child improve their reading by utilizing a reading app.

Readability is a great app that acts as a private reading tutor. The app works by assessing your child’s reading level and provides a wide variety of original content for your child to read. The library is often updated, so your child will never run out of reading materials.

How To Find Great Private Reading Tutors Near Me

The app uses A.I. and speech-recognition technology to help your child improve their reading skills. Your child has the option of having the app read the story to them as they follow along, or they can choose to read the story aloud themselves as the app listens to them read. While they are reading, the app will give them instant feedback and error correction.

The app also helps them with reading comprehension. By using the innovative Interactive Voice-based Questions & Answers, the app and your child engage in the material together just like an in-person tutor.

The app provides you with progress reports with a detailed analysis of their progress. You can check to see how your child is improving and what they still need to work on when it comes to accuracy and comprehension. You can also see how much time your child spends practicing on the app.

A great private reading tutor near you can be easy to find if you know where to look. A reading app can be an even better reading tutor that can be there for your child whenever they need help. Readability is a great tool to have on hand 24/7 for your child to practice and improve their reading skills wherever and whenever they want.