Reading Tutors Near Me: What Parents Should Know

January 15, 2020

Reading tutors near me

Every child is different—especially when it comes to learning how to read. Some children will pick up on reading quickly, whereas others may need additional help to develop crucial reading skills. If your child is struggling with reading, it may be in their best interest to work with a reading tutor. Here’s what parents should know before turning to Google to search for “reading tutors near me”:

What is Reading Tutoring?

A reading tutor is someone who helps children improve their reading skills outside of the classroom. Tutors work one-on-one with students, so they are able to tailor their instruction and feedback to meet a child’s unique needs.

For example, a child may struggle with phonics skills even though he has above average reading comprehension skills. Other children in his class at school have poor reading comprehension skills, so his teacher’s lesson plan may focus heavily on this area. As a result, he is unable to improve his phonics skills at school.

In this example, the child would benefit from reading tutoring. In a one-on-one setting, the child will only have to work on skills that he needs to improve to become a better reader.

How Many Hours of Tutoring Are Recommended?

The number of hours of tutoring that your child will need to improve their reading skills will vary on a case-by-case basis. If your child has always struggled with reading, two to three hours of tutoring per week may be best. However, if your child started out strong but is starting to fall behind, one to two hours per week should be enough.

Sometimes, parents hire a tutor simply to keep their children motivated to read. If this is the case, one hour a week should be enough to get your child back in the habit of reading.

Tutoring should continue until your child has drastically improved their reading skills. It’s up to parents to determine when children are no longer in need of a reading tutor.

What Age Should You Start Reading Tutoring?

Don’t focus on your child’s age when determining whether or not it’s the right time to hire a tutor. Instead, focus on your child’s reading skills. It may be appropriate to hire a reading tutor if:

  • Your child is not receiving enough reading instruction in the classroom.
  • Your child specifically requests help with reading.
  • Your child is not confident in their reading skills.
  • Your child’s reading grades are slipping.
  • Your child’s teacher has expressed concern about your child’s reading skills.
  • Your child is not able to read at their grade level.

In these situations, parents should consider hiring a reading tutor to help their children improve their reading skills.

Private tutor working with child

Private Tutors vs. Virtual Tutors

There are two main types of reading tutors: private tutors and virtual tutors. It’s important to learn more about these options before choosing which one is right for your child. 


Private tutors can cost between $25 to $80 per hour. Teaching a child how to read is not easy, so the hours will add up fairly quickly. Fortunately, working with a virtual tutor is much more affordable.


Private tutors work with numerous clients, so you will have to schedule a time for your child to meet with them in advance. If something comes up that prevents your child from meeting during their scheduled time, the tutor may not be able to reschedule at a time that is convenient for your family.

Private tutors are in high demand, so their schedules tend to be booked way in advance. Finding time isn’t an issue with a virtual tutor. Your child can work on their reading skills whenever it is most convenient for them.


Both private tutors and virtual tutors can help children improve their reading skills. But parents can closely monitor their child’s progress if they work with a virtual tutor. Plus, children may feel more comfortable working with a virtual tutor instead of a private tutor, who they may view as an intimidating authority figure.

Let Your Child Connect With A Virtual Tutor Today

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