How to Choose the Best Learn to Read Apps For Kids

March 25, 2020

How to Choose the Best Learn to Read Apps For Kids

Reading apps are valuable tools that can help children develop the skills they need to become strong readers. Now that you are at home with your kids you will, however, find out that there are countless reading apps for kids available in the app stores.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the first reading app that appears in the search results. It is important to take the time to figure out which one of the learn to read apps is best for your child.

Here’s what parents should know:

What Features Should You Look For In A Reading App For Kids?

There are a number of features you should look for when choosing a reading app for your child. Here are some questions you should answer when searching for the right learn to read app for kids:

  • Is it affordable? Even if the app can be downloaded for free, make sure you look into other costs of using its services, such as a monthly subscription fee. 
  • Is it compatible with your devices? Choose an app that will work on your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Does it provide feedback to your child? Your child cannot learn from their mistakes if the app does not provide feedback in real-time. 
  • How will you know whether or not your child is improving? Look for an app that allows parents to set goals and track their child’s progress so you can see how much they improve over time.
  • Is the app user-friendly? You don’t want your child to struggle to figure out how to use the app on their own, so choose one that is user-friendly.  
  • Does it allow your child to choose from a wide range of stories? Kids will get bored if they can’t find something interesting to read, so make sure the app offers a wide range of stories to satisfy every reader.
  • Is the app designed for children that are the same age as my child? Your child may become frustrated if the app is too complex for someone their age, so make sure it is age-appropriate before introducing it to your child.
  • How many kids can use the app? If you have more than one child, look for an app that allows you to add multiple readers.

The right app can help your child blossom into a better reader. Take these factors into consideration so you can find an app that gives your kids the support and instruction they need to succeed.

How to Choose the Best Learn to Read Apps For Kids

How Can You Motivate Your Child to Use A Reading App?

Finding the right reading app for your child is only half the battle. Now, parents should focus on motivating their child to use the app on a regular basis. Here’s how to keep your child motivated:

  • Let your child be involved in the app selection process. If they feel like they have a say in which app they use, they will be more motivated to use it regularly.
  • Let your child choose what they read on the app so they can pick stories that they are genuinely interested in reading.
  • Create a visual chart that tracks how many stories your child has read and display it somewhere in your home. Seeing their accomplishments will keep them motivated.
  • Practice what you preach. If you want your child to read, you should get in the habit of reading more as well. Kids will model their parents’ behavior. 
  • Set up a cozy nook in your home where your child can go to read. Kids love forts, so building a special reading spot will motivate them to read every day.
  • Ask your kids questions about what they are reading. Talking to someone about a story will make reading more enjoyable, which will motivate them to keep practicing.

Your child must use their reading app on a regular basis in order to improve their reading skills. By following these tips, parents can ensure that their kids will reap the rewards of their learn to read apps style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Try the Best Learn to Read App For Kids Today

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Set goals for your child and pull reports directly from the app to track their progress. When your kid has to go back to school, you should see a dramatic improvement in your child’s reading skills.

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