Reading Apps Can Help Your Child to Get Ahead

February 19, 2020

Reading Apps Can Help Your Child to Get Ahead

When we refer to reading apps in this article, we are not talking about apps such as Kindle or e-readers. Sure, they can provide reading resources to children, but they do not actually help them in any real sense.

Here we are looking at how an advanced ‘individual tutor’ style app can really help your child to learn to read well and even improve their reading speed.

Why is getting children to read early important?

When children are young, they really absorb knowledge. However, reading is a key barrier to that absorption. If they can’t read, they miss so much information online, on TV, at school, or even simply walking down the street.

However, they need to enjoy what they are doing to stay focused and want to continue reading. So long as you make it fun, you can open new universes to them through books, teach them about different parts of the world, or just let them go on reading adventures safely from their bedroom.

What are good reading apps?

What are good reading apps?

If you are looking for a reading app that actually helps your child to learn how to read, you don’t really want one that only provides them with reading materials. Ideally, you want one that has lots of features that assist the child and encourages them to grow.

Here are some features that every good reading app style=”font-weight: 400;”> should have:

With all of the above features, parents know that their investment is providing results and children get to read at any time with full support.

Ideally, the support should be from an advanced AI system, so that the app can adapt to the kid’s needs and support them fully. If the app isn’t adaptive, then there is a chance that the child could be reading materials that are too difficult or too easy.

With an AI tutor, parents don’t have to spend lots of time finding appropriate reading materials. Instead, they can relax while the AI-driven app selects interesting and custom selected reading materials to read next, ensuring they enjoy reading and keep increasing their reading skills.

Can I Use Other Reading Apps Alongside a Reading Tutor App?

There is certainly no harm in allowing your kid to read books they want to try by buying books for them in other apps. The only issue is that their activity can’t be tracked and their issues won’t be supported.

That said, as they grow in confidence, they will hopefully hear about and see books that they want to try and read, purely because they enjoy reading. In this scenario, providing their favorite reads in an app such as Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books etc. can be a smart move and help to encourage additional reading.

If you take this route, just be sure to set a schedule or encourage them in other ways to keep up their reading studies with their virtual reading tutor as well.

What is the best app to teach a child to read?

What is the best app to teach a child to read?

We have worked hard to develop the absolute best reading app for kids. Readability was developed from the beginning to provide an effective support solution to this age-old problem.

Its AI tutor is one of the most advanced in the industry, providing constant live assistance and customized reading plans. Why not start your free reading app trial to see it in action and see for yourself the enjoyment your kids will get from exploring the virtual library.