How Can You Help Your Child Love Reading?

February 6, 2020

Help your child love reading at home

Many parents know that when your child is first learning to read it can be a struggle to get them to enjoy it. Children might not choose reading a book over playing a video game, but research shows that improvements in reading skills can help them in other areas of learning, too.

Some kids genuinely just love to read, but others might need a little more convincing. Getting your child to love reading is important if you want them to do better in school and enhance their language skills. Reading can help build vocabulary and help with their critical thinking skills. These can help them earn better grades in school.

Many students end up falling behind in school because they are behind their reading levels. According to one study, about 65 percent of fourth-graders in America are reading below their reading level. You can improve your child’s reading skills and help your child love reading by:

  1. Connecting reading materials to such as taking them to a history museum if they are reading a history book for school. 
  2. Letting them choose what they read so that they are more invested in the material since it was their choice. 
  3. Discussing their readings with them to show that you are also invested and interested in what they are reading and this can also help improve their reading comprehension
  4. Encouraging environmental reading by letting them read anything and everything they come across such as restaurant menus and even shampoo bottles in the shower! 
  5. Incorporating tech by downloading apps and e-books that are interactive and have reading activities. 
  6. Making reading fun and not a chore so that they do not simply see reading as “school work”. 

Help Your Child Love Reading

What can you do at home every day to help your child love reading? 

Making reading fun is the key to help your child love reading. Encouraging your child to enjoy reading is all about building good reading habits at home. Some things you can do at home every day to encourage reading for fun are to:

  1. Read with and to your child because this can help them learn that reading can be fun. This is also a great way to build your relationship with one another. 
  2. Schedule reading time so that it becomes a habit and something that your child will look forward to every day. 
  3. Model good reading behavior by reading for fun yourself because when your children see you enjoy reading, they will enjoy it as well. 
  4. Build a home library that is filled with books that you love as well as books your child has chosen. You should include books that are at your child’s reading level as well as ones that are just above their reading level. 
  5. Create a reading nook that makes reading something special and is in an area where they will not be distracted and keep this a tech-free zone. 
  6. Using reading apps is a great way to make reading more fun at home. Reading apps make kids love reading through fun activities and games. 

What app helps make reading fun? 

Reading apps are a great way to make reading fun and enjoyable for kids. Readability is an app that provides a fun experience for kids who are learning to read. The app is essentially a virtual reading tutor for your child.

Readability helps your child love reading by guiding them as they read. It gives instant feedback to help improve their reading skills. Some features include A.I. technology that reads with your child and listens to them reading aloud to catch errors and help them to improve.

Your child will learn to improve their reading skills as well as to enjoy reading on their own. The app also includes original stories that create a multi-sensory reading experience. This interactive experience helps to turn reading into a fun game instead of just homework.

Your child is sure to learn to love reading with your help. Reading for fun and on their own will help them to do better in school and enhance their language skills. The best way to help your child learn to love reading is to encourage reading on their own and to practice it even at home.