The Most Effective Reading Strategies for First Graders

Effective Reading Strategies

First graders are in the early stages of the reading journey. At this grade level, reading fluency could vary greatly from student to student. Some children might be struggling with phonics and might be reading below grade level expectations while others could be precocious readers and are delving into smaller chapter books. Many children might … Read more

What is the Point of Literacy Screening Tests?

Literacy Screening Tests

Many teachers complain of needing to teach for the test. The ‘test’ is the year-end standardized achievement test issued by the state that measures every student’s level of proficiency related to specific subjects. Throughout the year, teachers also screen students related to math and reading to further understand their progress related to grade-level expectations. For … Read more

How to Improve Reading Skills in the Early Grades

How to Improve Reading Skills in the Early Grades

Identifying reading struggles at a younger age could prevent children from falling further behind. In upper elementary grades, reading becomes the central focus of learning across all subjects and reading struggles could evolve into more significant learning struggles. Early reading struggles could present in many ways; parents could notice that their child struggles with comprehension-related … Read more

Here’s How to Motivate Children to Read

Motivate Children to Read

Some children open a book begrudgingly which can make regular reading sessions a challenge. Most schools implement daily reading minutes that children are required to record on a reading log, and parents might need to initial and date these logs to verify that their child has fulfilled their reading minutes. Parents of readers might not … Read more

5 Ways to Help Neurodiverse Students Improve Executive Function Skills

Improve Executive Function Skills

The cluster of skills that fall under the category of executive functioning are vital for all students, but not all students have an easy time developing them. These skills help students in school and beyond. Some students who are neurodiverse have more challenges developing executive function skills. This doesn’t mean they can’t develop them, just … Read more