Reading Programs Near Me

June 22, 2020

Reading Programs Near Me

During the summer, children with reading struggles might not have access to the same guidance and instruction as they would during the school year. While these children may have participated in reading programs or received additional support at school, parents may feel that this additional help also is necessary to ensure that children don’t fall behind on reading during summer vacation.

Yet, finding resources for struggling readers when school is out of session might be a challenge, especially if parents don’t know how or where to find additional help. If you’re wondering, “what reading programs are near me” to help your child, here are a few tips on how to find help for a struggling reader during the summer recess.

What are Some Reading Programs?

Some reading sites online are free for anyone to access. These educational sites may provide virtual books or additional help with phonics that may be useful for struggling readers. If the household budget is constricted, free sites may be a great resource to provide some assistance during the summer.

Since these sites are free to use, parents should not expect them to provide individualized content for every reader. Many of them do provide a variety of books and reading resources: each site is different, though, and parents can use them as an educational tool to provide a bit of extra support during the summer break.

Reading Programs Near Me

How Do I Find a Reading Tutor?

Parents may be able to hire a private tutor for their child during the summer. There are tutoring agencies that can help parents link up to a tutor, and a quick Google search can help parents locate these companies in their area.

Schools also are a great resource. Your child’s teacher might have recommendations about tutors in the area. You might find a retired teacher who could offer tutoring services to your child, too. College students also may offer tutoring services.

Before you commit to a tutor, discuss rates and protocol. For safety, tutoring may need to take place in a public location like a library. Parents and the tutor should discuss the child’s struggles and how the tutoring services can best address those struggles. Parents need to know how the tutor can help their child and what resources the tutor will utilize to facilitate the learning process.

Parents could discover that a private tutor is simply out of the budget. Research tutoring rates and review your budget to figure out if a tutor is something that you could afford.

Reading Programs Near Me

How Do You Create a Reading Program?

Can’t afford a tutor? Parents can step into that role, too! Tutoring your child may take patience, understanding, and a bit of extra planning. Reach out to your child’s teacher to find out what areas your child struggles with while reading; parents who are well-versed with a child’s struggles may still want to drop the teacher a note.

Your child’s teacher may be able to recommend resources for the child to receive additional help at home. Perhaps worksheets or online resources may be an option. If a parent is taking on the tutor role, extra guidance from an instructor could be very helpful.

One of the best ways parents can help their child, though, is just by reading with them. Parents can read out loud to a child and then ask comprehension-related questions to gauge understanding. When children struggle with phonics, parents may encourage them to read aloud and provide support when pronunciation becomes an issue.

Struggling readers may avoid reading; parents can make learning fun by incorporating activities that support the stories and books that a child is reading. Cook green eggs and ham or watch a movie that was based on a book. Parents also can take children on reading field trips that let them become part of a character’s journey.

Use a Reading App

Not all parents feel that they can be a child’s teacher or tutor. Some parents may struggle with reading, too, or time could be an issue. Parents can download a reading app like Readability to provide their child with individualized instruction that can help them become more proficient readers. Readability moves at the child’s pace, so stories are always at the appropriate reading level. Colorful illustrations and interactive features keep the lessons engaging. An AI tutor recognizes a child’s unique voice and provides positive feedback to assist with pronunciation and understanding. The built-in tutor asks questions during the story to test for comprehension.

The app’s Parent Dashboard keeps parents in the loop about their child’s progress. Parents can review their child’s reading level and proficiency. Parents also can see how long their children used the app each day.

To see if Readability is right for your child, try it for free for seven days and check out all the features that will help your child on their reading journey.