Best Online Reading Help App for Kids

April 24, 2020

Best Online Reading Help App for Kids

Is your child struggling to keep up with their reading skills while schools are closed due to Coronavirus?  This is where the best online reading help app for kids can help give parents some peace.

Instead of having children whinging and whining about how bored they are and how much they hate being at home, why not improve their reading skills while at the same time sending them off on ‘literary adventures’ from the safety of their home?

How ReadabilityTutor Can Help To Restore Peace at Home

One of the main reasons kids are driving parents up the wall is because they’re bored and can’t think of what to do with all this time at home. They need entertainment and expect the adults in the room to provide it.

However, in this self-isolation and the locked-down world we are currently living in, reading can be the perfect hobby to encourage, and ReadabilityTutor makes reading fun, supports their development, and can even read to them. Here are some of the features:

Listen to Stories

When your child is tired, or feeling a bit lazy, listening to a good story can be just as good as reading one. The app is full of different stories that are level and age-appropriate.

Huge Library

Our library is huge and continually expanding. All books are full of funny and colorful illustrations to help bring the stories to life. The AI helps to recommend books to read next, based on each child’s interests and reading ability. This allows kids to explore our huge library safely, while parents don’t need to worry about paying for each book read.

Listen and Repeat

The built-in AI can first read the story, then allow the child to read it after … all while providing live feedback as they read. The screen also highlights the words being read by the AI, helping them to track the words easier. Responsive speech recognition technology allows the app to actually provide real-time correction to incorrect pronunciation as they read the story back to the app.

Best Online Reading Help App for Kids


The app is fully interactive, from following texts as the child reads aloud, to asking questions about the story. Parents can also encourage its use and set targets for prizes, turning reading challenges into an indoor game with rewards.

Comprehension Quizzes

Learning to read words out loud is just one part of the process. Truly understanding a story takes more focus and practice. This is why a new feature of comprehension checking was introduced. This amazing feature isn’t just some boring text quiz, but instead is a full “Interactive Voice-based Questions & Answers (IVQA™)”, which means that for the child it is just like a teacher or parent asking the questions and they verbally answer the question.

Dashboard and Feedback

Parents and learners get reports on how they are doing so that they can see clear improvements. Learners get feedback about their accuracy, comprehension, and fluency. Parents get live reports and easy to view history, allowing them to track the improvements of every student.

All of the above features come together to help make parents’ lives easier. Teaching at home is difficult, but this app makes teaching and improving reading skills a breeze. As far as the kids are concerned, it’s fun … almost as much fun as playing games on their tablet.

We all know how much children love to play on mobile devices, this is why we developed the best online reading help app to work on all mainstream mobile devices. This way it is available wherever and whenever they want to use it. Even if they can’t go far, they can sit outside, in their room, or even in a blanket-fort.

What are you waiting for? Don’t leave it until you’re climbing the walls with madness, try our 7-day free trial to see exactly how we can help bring more peace to your lives, keeping the kids entertained and allowing parents a few moments of rest. With over 20 years of tech experience and “an army of child development professionals”, this app is truly something special and was launched long before Covid-19 issues.