Reading Help For Kids Who Are New Readers

February 13, 2020

Reading help for kids can start as early as toddlerhood

It is important to provide effective reading help for kids who are new readers. Helping new readers early in the process can help them build more confidence and motivation to read. Learning to read can be a difficult process that many kids struggle with. However, there are ways to get reading help for kids that can encourage them and make them better readers.

What age should a child be able to read?

The average age to start reading is about six years old. However, according to experts, there is no exact age that kids will begin reading. The age range to start reading can vary from 4-7, and some kids might struggle with reading for several years. Attaining literacy does not necessarily happen instantly at a certain age, but is much more about a gradual process.

Reading is important for children in many different ways. Reading is a fundamental skill they will use in life and especially in school. It is a skill that is also very important for enhancing a child’s development.

Why are books important for a child’s development? 

Books are important for a child’s overall development because they can:

  1. Build your relationship with your child as you bond over a common interest, reading. 
  2. Help develop basic language skills. Reading helps to develop the other main language skills: reading, speaking and listening. 
  3. Encourage vocabulary building by exposing them to a variety of words and teaching them reading skills that help learn new words such as context clues. 
  4. Develop critical thinking skills that will help them do well in school and enhance their reading comprehension. 
  5. Increase focus and self-discipline as children learn to focus on the importance of paying attention to the reading they learn how to focus on a singular task at a time. 
  6. Foster imagination and emotional development, which can help them learn to be more empathetic later on.

A young reader practicing to read

How can I help my child learn to read?

New readers often need a little help and guidance as they start their reading process. You can help your child learn to read by doing some simple things at home that can encourage them to practice reading more often. Some reading-related activities you can do for your kids are:

  • Read at home every day. You can also switch between reading to your kids and having them read to you so that they get a model of good reading habits and also practice reading themselves. 
  • Don’t pressure them to read when they do not want to. Forcing them to read will make it seem like a chore and discourage them from reading on their own. 
  • Make reading fun by making it a reward and offering to buy them a new book of their choice when they finish their chores or do well in school. 
  • Use reading apps to help make reading more interactive and track their progress. 

What should I not say to a new reader? 

Kids who are new to reading need encouragement and support. As they are learning to read you want to be sure you are giving them positive feedback and motivating them to continue reading. Here are some things NOT to do and say to a new reader:

  1. “Stop. Reread that sentence” this can disrupt the flow of the reading session and can cause your child to be more self-conscious as they read further. 
  2. Interrupt your child while reading to make corrections. Again, this can disrupt their flow and could cause them to make more mistakes. 
  3. “Speed up or slow down” will not help them learn to read more fluently. Fluency just comes with practice and listening to pacing from a parent or teacher. 
  4. Laughing when they make a mistake will only discourage them. If they are reading something funny, it’s good to be able to laugh together but if they make a mistake try to just shrug it off. 
  5. “You know this” might make them feel like they are not trying hard enough when in fact they are. Instead, help them break down the part they are struggling with
  6. “You’re wrong. It’s this-” try not to overcorrect when reading with your child. This will make them rely on you for corrections and they will never be able to learn reading skills that help them decode meaning.

Giving encouraging and positive feedback to your new reader is important to help them learn new reading skills but also to help them feel more confident with reading. A great way to not only give them feedback but to also track their progress is to use a reading app such as Readability.

Readability uses A.I. technology and advanced speech-recognition to help your new reader do better and be more confident with reading. The app gives them instant feedback and correction by listening to them read out loud. The app also provides a feedback report for you to review your child’s progress.

Readability provides reading help for kids who are new readers by providing original content that makes reading fun and interactive. The more kids use the app the better their reading skills become and the more interested they become in reading for fun.