Why Use a Reading App instead of a Reading Tutor

December 24, 2019

Reading Tutor

As a parent, your child’s education and academic success is likely one of your highest priorities. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on tools and supplies to help your children succeed.

When it comes to sharpening their reading skills, technology may be the resource your kids need. Reading tutors can be expensive, and school programs may not fit into your child’s schedule. If you’re on the fence, here are a few key reasons to add a mobile reading app to your toolkit:

Give Kids an Alternative Learning Solution

Hiring a tutor isn’t for everyone; for children who experience reading anxiety or other deficits, adding another person to their reading routine can hinder their learning instead of giving them a boost.

Using a reading app provides supplementary practice that will help your children excel in their lessons. Each session is tailored to a specific objective or subject, giving your kids more control over the topics they cover.

Mobile reading programs are also helpful to use as a reading tutoring tool for your child’s homework assignments and test prep. If your child is stuck on a part of their current story, a bit more exposure can give them the push they need to progress. Using a reading app, in comparison to traditional tutoring methods, gives them more control and independence during each lesson.

If your kids are struggling in any subject in particular, reading apps can help them get over those specific hurdles.

Younger children often need more reinforcement and attention to stay focused than older kids. Using a reading app to work with them at home with help them inside and outside of the classroom, without the need to add an unfamiliar person to their routine.

Assess Reading Levels

Accurately Assess Reading Levels

When you’re helping your child with homework or study materials, it can be difficult to align with your children’ respective reading levels. This will give you a better idea about what elements need more attention, and which children may require additional support.

If you’re choosing books or worksheets that are too advanced or too rudimentary, your children likely won’t achieve the results they should.

Your children’s teachers will assess their reading levels in order to check reading comprehension, reading fluency, phonics, and phonemic awareness. Reading comprehension and fluency are the basis of all subjects. Your child must understand how words look, sound and are incorporated into every subject from science to history to English language arts.

Reading are a useful way to scaffold on to what they’ve learned in school and incorporate topics they are interested in learning.  

Identify Issues Early On

Children are assessed on their reading ability from the day they enter school. Once children learn about phonemes and phonological sounds, they are able to blend them to create words. Since alphabet recognition and the ability to understand phonemes is the framework of reading, using a reading app at home will give you a hands-on way to reinforce these basics.

An auxiliary reading app gives you another avenue for assessing your child’s learning progress. You may be aware of some problems that your child is having, but adding online lessons provides you with an additional lens.

With helpful reporting tools and easy-to-understand benchmark breakdowns, you can get a better idea about where your child needs to improve, and where they may struggle later on.

If your child is struggling with reading aloud in class, for example, this can help you narrow down potential causes. Maybe your child is having a hard time with certain phonetic combinations, or it could possibly be related to their comprehension of each sentence as a whole.

Using an online learning system in combination with your child’s school curriculum will help you ensure that your child stays on track.

Tutor Programs

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Reading Tutor Programs

Electronic devices continue to make strides in the world of learning, as more and more educators see the benefits of tech in the classroom. Now, you can take advantage of those same benefits from your couch, car, or even the doctor’s office. Using a reading app can help you catch certain issues that could be missed by human error.

Artificial Intelligence in reading apps is one part of the puzzle, as it allows the system to accurately and efficiently respond to your child’s progress.

This groundbreaking technology allows reading apps to adapt to your child’s learning style.

Key features include:

  • Speech recognition
  • A.I.-guided reading with real-time correction
  • Listens and learns to respond to your child’s needs
  • Mobile-friendly for anytime learning on the go

By collecting information based on the user’s activities within the online learning environment, AI is able to adjust the program to fit each child’s needs. This makes it easier for all learning types – visual, auditory, or tactile – to fulfill their reading goals.

Our revolutionary online reading system uses this technology to ensure that each child receives the support they need, at their own pace. Not only can children control the speed at which they read aloud, but the app will respond appropriately to the speed they set. This ensures that the program can make corrections and adjustments in alignment with each and every individual child.

Choosing a program that incorporates Artificial Intelligence adds another layer of customization, simplifying the learning process even further. 

Reading Apps Provide Reporting and Analysis

As an educator, using a reading app gives you even more control and insight into your child’s progress. Customizable reports and real-time timelines show you exactly where your child stands in every lesson.

Accurate, timely reporting allows you to use your reading resource to its full potential. It also serves as additional reinforcement and support for the children, since they’ll always know how they’re performing.

With this data, you can adjust existing lesson plans and prepare for current or predicted learning hurdles. You’ll never be in the dark when it comes to your child’s progress, improvement, or benchmarks.

Reading apps are an affordable, easy-to-use way for you to help skyrocket your child’s reading performance – across the board. Even if your child isn’t behind, they will surely benefit from the added support of a reading tutor program.

Whether your child is experiencing problems with pronunciation, test anxiety, comprehension, or vocabulary, using a reading app gives children the benefits of 1-on-1 instruction – without needing to hire a tutor.