Learn to Read Apps for Kids

May 20, 2020

Learn to Read Apps for Kids

If you have a struggling reader at home, or if you just want to give your child a head start when it comes to reading readiness, you may have considered downloading learn to read apps for kids.

There are a lot of them available, which can make it difficult to know which one to choose. Plus, you might be wondering if they even work in the first place.

The good news is that these reading apps can work quite well if you choose carefully.

Interactive Learning

One of the main things that makes an app effective for kids is how interactive it is. Reading apps that just sling information at your child and that don’t ask them to participate in any way are a lot less likely to be effective than reading apps that allow them to play games or try things for themselves.

Luckily, when it comes to reading apps, nothing beats Readability in terms of interactiveness!

Using advanced AI technology, this app reads to your child and then “listens” to your child as they read and provides feedback. The app will also ask reading comprehension questions and then listen to and assess your child’s answers.

Because your little one is never just sitting idly by, they’ll be more engaged in what they’re doing and more likely to actually learn something that sticks!

Reading Level Appropriate Content

In addition to choosing a learn to read app that’s interactive, parents should also look for one that offers grade or reading level appropriate content. After all, an app can’t help if its simplest exercises are way above your child’s level.

Readability is good on this front too. It has materials for all the different reading levels and can accommodate your child’s expanding skill level. This allows you to get more use out of the app, rather than trying to find a new one every time your child improves or moves up a reading level or two!

Learn to Read Apps for Kids

Limited Distractions

Research suggests that effective learning apps for kids also need to have limited distractions.

And, unfortunately, many modern apps are just games disguised as learning tools. They have flashing lights and lots of silly sounds. So, while they might look like they’re engaging your child and having an impact, they’re really just keeping them busy and reducing their chances of retaining anything educational the app might have to offer.

Readability is great because it does feature pictures and a few fun graphics and effects to interest your child. But, it doesn’t go over the top and, at its core, is focused on good,  old-fashioned learning!

Learn to Read Apps for Kids

Do Your Part

While Readability really is a great reading app in many ways, no app, no matter how perfect, can do everything all on its own. If you were just to have your child use Readability and do nothing else, you’d probably still get results. But, you’d get even better results if you put in a little effort too!

One thing you could try, for example, is sometimes helping or sitting with your child as they use the app. You don’t have to take total control, nor should you. But, just being there, watching your child learn, and offering encouragement and support along the way can make a big difference.

You’ll get some insight into your child’s learning style, which can be extremely helpful. You’ll also gain firsthand knowledge of what they’re learning through the app. Not only does this enable you to see for yourself how effective it is, but you’ll also know what your child is learning. That way, you can reinforce the app’s lessons in your daily interactions with your child.

If you’re unsure about how to reinforce these lessons, don’t worry. The simplest solution is to read with your child and to facilitate better comprehension as much and as often as you can! You can do this by spending daily time reading together, discussing what you’ve read, and even practicing real-world reading skills, like reading menus together at a restaurant or having your child read off a recipe to you. 

Download Today

The bottom line is that reading apps, when chosen with care and strengthened by your own efforts, can be incredibly beneficial. This is especially true for Readability, which has all the things a learning app needs to be successful.

So, why not give it a try yourself? Download it, let your child use it, and then sit back and watch as their reading skills improve!