Tips For Finding A Free Reading Tutor Near Me

February 26, 2020

Tips For Finding A Free Reading Tutor Near Me

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching your child struggle with reading. Parents often feel helpless in this situation, but there’s actually a way for parents to step in and help their children succeed. Reading tutors can provide additional help to your child outside of the classroom so they can quickly improve their skills and catch up with their classmates.

Searching for a “free reading tutor near me” may return a mishmash of confusing results. Simplify the process by following these tips to find the perfect tutor:

Try Tutoring Your Child

Many parents live busy lives with very little free time. But if you are able to, you may want to consider tutoring your child yourself. No one understands your child quite like you do, so you may be able to teach your child in a way that other tutors cannot.

Make sure your child is comfortable with this arrangement before making it official. Some children love learning from their parents, whereas others may prefer working one-on-one with a professional tutor. Children have to be comfortable with the idea in order to benefit from your tutoring, so discuss this with them before exploring other free tutoring options.

Talk to Your Child’s School

You should also discuss your need for a free reading tutor with your child’s school. Many schools offer a number of free tutoring options through after school programs. If these programs aren’t available, the school may be willing to arrange for a classroom aide to tutor your child before or after school hours.

The principal or guidance counselor may also know of an older student at school who excels at reading and is willing to help. For example, if your child is in first grade, a fourth or fifth grader who has advanced reading skills may be able to tutor your child. In fact, kids may feel more comfortable working with someone who is so close to their own age.

Contact Local Colleges

If there is a college near you, contact the dean of the college of education to ask about tutoring services. Students who are studying to become elementary school teachers may provide tutoring services in order to earn extra money while they finish school.

Since these students are studying to become teachers, they will know exactly how to teach your child the skills they need to achieve academic success. Plus, tutoring will help these students gain invaluable experience, so they may not charge much, if anything, for their services.

Tips For Finding A Free Reading Tutor Near Me

Reach Out to Non-Profit Organizations

Schools and universities aren’t the only places that could offer free reading tutoring services for children in your community. Parents should also make an effort to contact local non-profit organizations in the area.

There are a number of non-profit organizations that offer free tutoring services to local children. For example, the Boys and Girls Club of America provides homework assistance for children who are in grades K-12. The Learn to Be Foundation is another non-profit organization that provides free reading tutoring services for struggling readers. If these organizations are located near you, don’t hesitate to contact them to learn more.

Research these non-profit organizations—and others in your community—to see if any are a good fit for your child.

Join the PTA

If you are running out of options, consider becoming a member of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) so you can advocate for change. Encourage other parents and teachers to support establishing free tutoring services for children at the school.

Even if you cannot bring free tutoring to your child’s school, joining the PTA can help you connect with other parents who are dealing with similar issues with their children. They may be able to provide valuable insight on how to find a reliable tutor based on their own experience.

Go Digital 

You don’t have to look very far for a low-cost reading tutor. Why? Your child can connect with a virtual reading tutor by downloading the Readability app on their smartphone or tablet device. Using this app, children can either listen to stories or try reading them aloud on their own. The app uses advanced speech recognition and artificial intelligence technology to listen to your child read and instantly correct their mistakes. Receiving this type of real-time feedback can help them learn from their errors and become stronger readers.

Parents, visit the Google Play or Apple App store to download the Readability app and sign up for your free 7-day trial today. Then, watch your child blossom into a better reader!