Why Use an App to Help Me Get Better in Reading Comprehension?

May 6, 2020

Why Use an App to Help Me Get Better in Reading Comprehension?

Being able to sound out a word is only one part of learning how to read. Understanding the context of what’s being read is one of the most critical components of the entire process.

If your child seems to be struggling with reading comprehension and critical thinking exercises, there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier for everyone. Using technology to learn how to read is one method that can give you great results.

Take a look at some of the ways an app can help your child get better in reading comprehension.

What causes poor comprehension?

If your child is excelling when it comes to phonics and spelling but can’t seem to piece the story together from beginning to end, they are likely struggling with reading comprehension.

Readers typically experience issues with reading comprehension as a result of:

  • Lack of interest
  • Difficulty understanding the subject matter
  • Spending too much time to analyze individual words
  • Working memory deficit
  • Emotional distress

Depending on the severity of your child’s reading issues, it can be helpful to look into other areas where they might be struggling. In some cases, the root cause of reading comprehension problems can be linked to other academic and social deficits.

Why Use an App to Help Me Get Better in Reading Comprehension?

How do you improve poor reading comprehension?

Getting your child on the fast track to becoming a star reader can start with simply switching up the study materials. Keeping your children engaged is the best way to keep them focused and efficient while learning how to read.

One of the best ways to connect with kids is to meet them at their level. Using a tablet or mobile device to practice reading is an easy way to pique their interest and motivate them to keep working on their reading progress.

Learning with a reading app will make them feel like they’re playing a game, which is more likely to keep their attention than traditional reading methods. Plus, you can adapt to their attention span in real-time. If your child seems to be losing grip on the lesson, switch it up and try a different story.

Improving your child’s reading comprehension starts with identifying the cause of their struggle. Figuring out why your kid is falling behind in their reading program is the first step to solving the puzzle.

Why Use an App to Help Me Get Better in Reading Comprehension?

What are the best reading comprehension strategies?

There are some common best practices based on what works with most kids, but no two readers are exactly the same. Accommodating your child’s learning style is the key to creating an effective reading comprehension strategy.

Here are some popular teaching strategies to try with your young readers:

Tapping Into Background Knowledge

To help your kids understand what they’re reading in a way that is applicable to the real world, have them use their own experience to relate to the material. Background knowledge is the culmination of all of our memories and past experiences.

By applying their own experience to the story, it will be easier for your kids to connect to what they’re reading. Using background knowledge is an effective way for readers to become grounded in the story.

Asking Questions

One of the most fundamental components of effective critical thinking is being able to identify main ideas and ask questions. Encouraging your kids to question what they’re reading allows them to see new information from multiple lenses.

This is also helpful for developing their problem-solving skills and ability to analyze information.

Making Inferences

Similar to asking questions, drawing conclusions about a story is a great way to help your children gain a deeper understanding. This strategy teaches them how to assess what they know to fill in the blanks for what they don’t know.

Understanding how to “read between the lines” is a fundamental skill that will help any reader develop a deeper understanding of the content they’re absorbing.


In order to give an accurate recap, you need to have a solid understanding of the information you’re trying to summarize. Connecting the dots between separate ideas can give readers a higher level of emotional intelligence and overall clarity about the characters and storylines. All of those details are important when considering the meaning of the story as a whole.

Reading comprehension is a crucial element of the reading process, and it’s easier to achieve than you’d think. Take some time to determine your child’s needs, strengths, and deficits to create the right plan to help them learn how to read.

Helping your children learn how to read is a process, but it can be simplified in one step by using a reading app. For a high level of control and flexibility that will keep your kids focused and entertained, consider learning with a reading app for better reading comprehension.