11 Christmas Gifts on Every Child’s Wish List This Year

December 10, 2021

11 Christmas Gifts on Every Child’s Wish List

The holiday season will be here soon! That means that children will be making their wish lists for Santa Claus in hopes that their most wanted items will be nestled beneath the tree on Christmas morning. Plushies, interactive toys, game systems, and maybe even the latest tech craze might be among those requested items.

Parents might have no idea what kids will be requesting from Santa. Sometimes items are unusual and unexpected. However, there are usually really popular toys that top most children’s lists. Here are 11 Christmas gifts on every child’s wish list this year…according to insiders!

11 Christmas Gifts on Every Child’s Wish

Bluey Toys

Who is Bluey? If you’re a parent to a toddler or preschooler you’re probably well acquainted with this sweet character. Bluey is a Blue Heeler puppy, and is the star of the Disney Junior animated kids’ show titled “Bluey.”

The show is the newest animated craze on the Disney channel geared for their youngest audience. So, of course, Bluey toys will be topping the Christmas lists of children who love this little puppy!

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder

New York Magazine listed the Fairy Finder as one of the popular toys that parents might consider purchasing ASAP for the holidays. The Fairy Finder lets children collect fairies in a plastic jar, and these magical creatures can be viewed via a little screen on the front of the jar. Different colors are available, but certain hues are already out of stock!

If this toy is on the list, get searching so children don’t miss the chance to collect and trade fairies with friends!

Melissa & Doug’s Let’s Play House Pretend Set

Today listed the Melissa & Doug set among its list of 2021 popular Christmas toys. The set comes with a broom, a mop and duster among its cleaning items and lets kids keep that imaginary home (or maybe playhouse) clean and tidy!

TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Octopus Plush

Another item on Today’s list, the plush and very cute little octopus comes in a variety of hues. Each octopus is reversible, revealing a different color and a different mood on the face of the octopus. TikTok users featured the octopus in videos to display their mood. Whether kids want parents to know if they are happy or sad, this octopus is a great way to help children express their emotions…even if they don’t feel quite like talking.

Star Wars Galactic Snackin’ Grogu

The internet became obsessed with the small child who many referred to as ‘Baby Yoda’ but whose real name was actually Grogu. He’s cute, a bit mischievous and quite powerful with the Force, and Galactic Snackin’ Grogu features all his best features. He comes with a few snacks (including the classic blue cookie) and makes lots of sounds and gestures.


PC Mag featured the HeyKube on its list of tech must-haves for kids this Christmas. While this toy looks like the classic Rubik’s cube, it features something the old cube didn’t: guidance! Yes, the HeyCube includes lights that help the user solve it; in addition, the Kube also remembers previous moves. For kids that code, PC Mag explains that kids can actually create unique games via Raspberry Pi.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Every year, one game console stands out from the rest…and is included in many pleas to Santa. The Nintendo Switch Lite is meant for portable play. The console comes in lots of different hues, so pick a child’s favorite color and add a few games to keep them busy!

LeapFrog on the Go Story Pal

This handy gadget also was on PC Mag’s list. With the On the Go Story Pal, children can listen to different stories, poems and songs. If a child’s favorite story isn’t loaded onto the Pal, parents can record it so children can listen to it anywhere!

Kano Coding Kit

This kit helps kids learn how to code and learn about JavaScript as well as other fundamentals (like loops, variables, etc.). Kano’s kit lets children create a Disney-themed project. The kit was among the recommendations from Hello! Magazine.

Verizon’s GizmoWatch 2

The GizmoWatch is a smartwatch for kids, but it actually includes features that parents will love, too. The GizmoWatch includes GPS, which allows parents to know the location of their child when they have it on. This watch could be ideal for parents who worry about their child getting lost in a busy store…or just to give parents peace of mind. The watch gives parents the choice of four different wristband colors: Bright Coral, Aquafresh (a dark teal), Moondust (white…but it almost looks like the palest shade of blue), Blue (classic blue), and Pink (it leans a bit bubblegum in hue).

An EReader

Kids who love technology might also love an ereader for the holidays. Barnes & Noble’s Nook is a popular choice, and it comes in a few different models…and price points. For younger children, the Nook seven-inch table could be a great choice, and it’s less than $50. The smaller size also makes it easy to carry. Parents can download ebooks via the reader…and may even download a few books courtesy of Santa!

11 Christmas Gifts on Every Child’s Wish List

A Reading App Subscription also Makes a Good Gift!

For children who are struggling with reading, parents also could give them a subscription to a reading program like Readability. Download the app to a tablet for access to reading help from almost anywhere.

Readability includes a built-in AI tutor that provides help during lessons. The tutor is programmed with voice recognition software, which allows it to identify and learn a child’s voice. If a child can’t pronounce a word, the tutor will understand the struggle and provide guidance.

Readability requires children to read stories aloud. As a child reads, the tutor is evaluating the child’s reading fluency (this is measured in words per minute). In addition, the tutor asks questions at the end of each story to determine if the child has understood what was read.

Children advance through Readability at their own pace. They only move to a more difficult reading level when they have demonstrated proficiency with both fluency and comprehension.

Each reading level provides a mix of fiction and nonfiction stories that appeal to children’s different interests. Stories are written by professional authors like Andrea Alexander, Lauren Mosback, Scott McBride and Rod Thompson, and Deb Skog.

Children using Readability will also notice that the stories don’t just feature big chunks of text. Every story includes colorful photos and interactive features. For example, if a child finds a word that is new to them, they can click it to learn the meaning. Not only do children help improve their reading skills with Readability, but they grow their vocabulary, too!

Parents might look into different reading programs to determine the best option for their child and their unique learning needs. The best way to understand a program, though, is to use it! With this in mind, Readability offers a free seven-day trial that provides children with full access to the program…including the AI tutor.

Children and their parents can work with the program and become familiar with how the AI tutor works. Interested in giving a subscription for a gift? Sign up today for a subscription…or begin a free trial!