Why Readability is the Best Reading Improvement App for Your Child

September 1, 2020

Why Readability is the Best Reading Improvement App for Your Child

Schools across the country have elected to begin the fall semester virtually; while methodologies and online curriculum may vary, parents will need to take an active role to keep kids on target and hitting necessary benchmarks. Parents of struggling readers who are served by an individualized education plan (IEP), a 504 plan or those whose children receive extra intervention for reading may wonder how services will be provided. Administration of these specialized services should be addressed by the districts, but parents also can help struggling readers at home by using a reading improvement app.

Here are eight great reasons why Readability is the best reading improvement app for your child.

Leveled Reading for Every Ability

Readability provides lessons and stories that are appropriate for every child’s reading ability. When a child begins lessons, parents can select the level that is right for their child. The programmed AI tutor also can assess the child’s reading level and set content accordingly.

As the child progresses with reading fluency and comprehension, the tutor will accelerate them to the next reading level. The program will not advance until a child has exhibited fluency and mastery.

Appropriate Content for Struggling Readers

Many children who struggle to read may have difficulty finding stories that interest them or that are age-appropriate. This can cause them embarrassment or maybe even perpetuate reading avoidance.

Not only are Readability’s stories designed to meet every child’s literacy needs, but content is never boring or ‘babyish.’ Struggling readers won’t be forced to read stories that are geared to a younger age-group. All content is age-appropriate and engaging.

Stories are Interactive to Promote Engagement

Engaging stories need to include interactive features to encourage children to immerse in the story and reading experience. All books and stories include interactive features and colorful illustrations.

In addition, auditory learners will love the AI tutor, which helps correct any pronunciation errors and engages children in dialogue about the book (with comprehension questions).

Readability is Expert and Teacher Approved

Reading programs should deliver results, and parents should trust their methodologies, too. Readability is approved by both literacy experts and teachers. Parents can trust that lessons will deliver results and help their child become a more fluent and confident reader.

Donna Nomann-Loomis, a reading expert with a Master’s Degree in Education from Chapman University talked about the importance of reading and the benefits of using Readability:

“Reading is the most powerful key towards success in education. Reading also opens children to a whole world of discovery where they can imagine themselves as doctors, astronauts, artists and so much more. Readability is using cutting edge technology to give children the tools they need to improve their reading and expand their horizons.”

Readability Features Comprehension with IVQA™

Interactive Voice based Questions & Answers (IVQA™) is the comprehension platform that is built into Readability. IVQA is led by the AI tutor; the tutor will ask your child questions about the story. These aren’t simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions that enable a child to easily guess an answer. The comprehension questions encourage children to think deeper about the story and about what they’ve read and understood from the text. If a child answers these questions incorrectly, the system will not move them forward.

The Parent Dashboard Keeps Parents In the Loop

Parents need to know if a reading program is helping their child and meeting their needs. To ensure parents understand their child’s reading progress, Readability provides a Parent Dashboard to serve as the information hub. The Dashboard shows parents how long their child used the program, their reading progress and their IVQA scores. Parents stay informed about their child’s progress and can better gauge the efficacy of the program.

Why Readability is the Best Reading Improvement App for Your Child

Children Can Use Readability Anywhere

Parents can download Readability on a PC, a laptop, a phone or a tablet. This means that kids can use the program during road trips, at home, while a sibling is at a sports practice, or even on vacation. Use Readability wherever you need it and encourage children to keep reading!

Parents Can Try Readability for Free!

Reading programs are an investment, and parents should feel confident that the program is right for their child…and a good investment for the money. Parents can try out Readability for free for seven days and let their child explore the stories and features of the program.

Children can utilize the AI tutor and read stories during the trial. All features and capabilities of the program are accessible during the trial period. 

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