• How is Readability different from other reading apps?

  • 9 months agoUpdated
  • Readability provides an advanced AI-driven interactive reading tutor experience unlike any other reading app on the market. Your child reads to the app and is provided with real-time guidance and help with words they may be struggling with during their reading. We also provide comprehension with Interactive Voice-based Questions and Answers (IVQA™) at the end of every story to ensure your little reader fully comprehended and retained the reading. Our vocabulary feature allows your child to tap on any word while reading to learn its definition. Little readers can visit their vocabulary bank to further practice, review, and perfect new or difficult words. 

    The parent dashboard not only tracks time spent reading, but also provides assessments of speed, comprehension scores, and a detailed breakdown of these scores per book. We have curated an expansive library full of educational pieces, classic children's literature, and original titles. We are dedicated to helping your child become a stronger, more confident and engaged reader through interactive help and engagement.

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