Reading Fun – Best Reading Apps for Kindergarten

November 5, 2020

Reading Fun - Best Reading Apps for Kindergarten

There are many ways to tempt children into the world of books, from Halloween themes to sci-fi adventures, books open up new worlds to young minds. This is where the best reading apps for kindergarten can help to open up their horizons using fun and modern approaches.

Getting children to the point where they enjoy reading can be a major challenge for parents and teachers, particularly during the kindergarten years. Reading apps help by giving ongoing support and convenient practice. Moreover, the support provided by apps is non judgmental, always available, and designed to be fun.

Being fun is also a key part of all of this, as children in this age group have extremely short attention spans. Give them something dull to do and 5 minutes of practice will feel like hours to them. Learning needs to be exciting, and reading with apps helps to make the learning experience enjoyable for all.

So, let’s take a look at how you can help your kindergartener improve.

How to Make Reading Fun

Before we get into the actual act of reading and teaching kindergarteners to read, let’s take a quick look at how to make the event more enjoyable. A lot of factors external to reading itself can make the experience much more enjoyable.

Our Top 5 Ways to Make Reading Fun:

  • Share the experience – spend an hour or more at the weekends, or every day if you have time, sharing the experience of reading. Put on voices, imagine being the characters, and talk about the stories. Shared experiences are always more memorable.
  • Add rewards – reward effort as well as progress. Adding treats for the effort put into reading can make reading itself a more ‘attractive’ event.
  • Environment – Make a fun reading zone, or zones, for kids to enjoy. It should be comfortable and colorful. Consider changing the decor or place to match the books. This doesn’t need to be expensive either with a little bit of inventiveness and family artwork.
  • Diversity is the spice of life – within reason, let them explore what interested them and try out new books of different styles. Reading a range of books will not only expose them to new vocabulary but also new views and interests.
  • Explore what’s discovered in books – When they learn something new in a book, or just something interesting, make an event out of it. If they are reading about pirates, do something pirate-related. It not only helps them imagine the story but adds a fun twist to normal family life.Reading Fun - Best Reading Apps for Kindergarten

There are hundreds of ways to make reading an enjoyable activity, just explore what they learn, and rediscover things with them. Half of the experience for children is about sharing what they have read, or new things that they have learned. Of course, if you’ve heard it all before, a bit of dramatic ‘amazement’ also doesn’t hurt.

How Can I Teach My 5-Year-Old to Read?

Parents generally want the best for their children, but don’t always have the time or skills to provide the level of support that they would like to. Fortunately, modern technology can help fill in some of those gaps.

If you are not a natural teacher, don’t know where to start, or simply don’t have the time to commit, then reading apps for kindergarten students could be the perfect assist you are looking for.

These apps are not only able to take learners through learning steps via supported reading activities at just the right levels, but also make reading far more interesting and can even adapt learning approaches to each individual.

So, here we look at our top 3 reading apps for kindergarteners.

Reading Fun - Best Reading Apps for Kindergarten

What are the Best Reading Apps for Kindergarteners?

While there are many amazing reading apps, we have broken it down to three effective solutions for you. Why? Because these apps cover all of the vitals of reading, without overlapping or being unnecessary. So, here are our picks:

  1. Montessori Letter Sounds – A great way to kickstart their reading skills from a young age with phonics. It turns learning letters into a game and the app expands with more content as children progress and collect marbles. It also allows learners to practice basic writing skills, by tracing letters in a virtual sandbox. This app focuses on the basic sounds letters represent and matching similar sound groups.
  2. Sight Words Coach – Helping little ones to recall words on sight, instead of needing to sound out each letter phonetically. It covers the most common words needed. Although only about 200 words, they “make up approximately 50 to 70 percent” of most normal texts.
  3. Readability – Once a child has some of the basics, it’s time to crack into reading properly. This is where the adventure starts, as stories and wonderful worlds get created through written words. Readability is like having a personal tutor that is always available to help your child. It listens and responds to their reading in real-time, offering corrections and support. The library is also huge and the AI helps to suggest texts based on the individual’s interests and ability.

With the above apps to help teach reading, you can spend more time on making sure that it’s a fun event.