Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Are you ready to help kids learn to read while making money? Then the Readability Tutor affiliate program is for you.

By incorporating machine learning, speech recognition, and AI into a smart app, Readability's breakthrough technology LISTENS while a child READS, highlighting any problem words. It adjusts and adapts to every child's unique needs and helps them learn to read.

The affiliate program offers:

  • $15 per verified lead (credit card required)
  • 30-day cookies
  • Advanced database tracking
  • Dedicated affiliate managers to support you
  • And more!

Whether you're a teacher or a tutor, a parent or a blogger, Readability is the perfect way to earn some extra money while helping children everywhere fall in love with reading. Join today!

If you're stuck trying to find a starting point as a Readability Tutor affiliate, we've got you covered. Below you will find topics for blog posts, YouTube videos, social media shares, and other ways that you can make money as an education affiliate.s

  • Blog Post & YouTube Video Ideas
  • Social Media Shares
  • PPC Keywords & Media Networks

Blog Post & YouTube Video Ideas

Blog posts and YouTube videos are great for education affiliates because you can build a subscriber base that lets you make money on new content and the copy is evergreen.

By getting your content to show up for a phrase with a large monthly search volume in YouTube or a search engine you can build a stream of passive income that continues to grow as you create more content. Here are some topics that have at least 1,000 monthly searches and some talking points for each.

  • How to Teach Kids to Read - 9 Easy Ways
  • 13 Fun Reading Apps for Kids That Actually Work
  • 11 Learning Apps for Kids They'll Want to Use
  • 9 Reading Comprehension Strategies That Work
  • 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Tools

How to Teach Kids to Read - 9 Easy Ways - (5,400)

The keyword phrase has 5,400 monthly searches between Google and Bing. This likely means there are also at least 1,000 searches on YouTube for parents and guardians looking for ways to teach kids to read.

By creating a list post with 9 ways and incorporating the benefits of Readability Tutor you'll be able to help readers and viewers discover new techniques while earning commissions. The reason we came up with "9" is that odd numbers tend to get more clicks in search results and the top 6 posts showing up in Google do not have numbers. This will help your content to stand out.

Bonus tip - The phrase "how to teach kids to read" is vital to keep intact for your YouTube title.

13 Fun Reading Apps for Kids That Actually Work - (4,400)

This is a great listicle idea with 4,400 monthly searches. To provide extra value to your audience you could share a pros and cons list about each app and a couple of screenshots with what the interface looks like.

Now place your affiliate link below the review to help the person download and get started. You earn a commission and they help their kids with reading.

Bonus tip - Reading apps can be educational like Readability Tutor, interactive to build more of a love for reading, or a way to help get children away from video games by providing them with puzzles and brain teasers vs. fiction and traditional reading.

11 Learning Apps for Kids They'll Want to Use (5,400)

Similar to the above, this search phrase is getting a lot of traffic. When searching on Google for this phrase, several lists appear on page one, but none of the lists start with the number 11. By using the number 11 you will be able to take advantage of the unique search phrase.

A fun way to use the number 11 in your post is to create a list of ten plus a bonus app to total 11. Creating a slide show might help mix up the content. Grab a good image and write a brief description of each app in the article. Add these to your slideshow and remember to use your affiliate links in the descriptions.

9 Reading Comprehension Strategies That Work (5,400)

Because there is no age, grade or known reading obstacles we want to try to provide at least 6 all-encompassing strategies. One of them is of course Readability Tutor's app. Then having three or five themed solutions for common reading comprehension obstacles like ADHD or dyslexia could round out the list and ensure there is something for everyone.

5th Grade Reading Comprehension Tools (2,400)

This theme is very easy to do. Because we know the audience has 5th graders we can relate directly to the person reading. Open up by mentioning some of the more popular books for 5th graders like The Phantom in the Tollbooth, Hatchet, or Holes and try to make the content relatable.

"Your 5th grader opens their copy of Hatchet and begins falling in love with the story, but also cannot recall what happened in the previous pages. So they turn back and re-read causing frustration. If this sounds like….". Another way to do this is to say "If your 5th grader is struggling to read a problem in their math 500 books or remembering what they read as they learn about cell structures in science class, then I'm here to help. Much like you, I watched as my child struggled with reading comprehension and found a few solutions. Below you will…".

Social Media Shares


Turn a "how-to" guide like teaching your child to read into a multi-image campaign.

Post each image as a series to Instagram. In the bottom right place "step 2" and a small arrow pointing right in the bottom corner. On the next image place "step 3" and a small arrow pointing right in the bottom corner.

Not only will you provide helpful information to your followers, but you're also triggering signals to the algorithm that your content is high quality. This can lead to more people discovering your content.

On the last slide, you can remind people to save this post by clicking the banner symbol so they can remember how to do "XYZ" again later once they're ready for fun.

To make money, have your affiliate link on your bio page or create an easy to type in short URL that redirects through your affiliate link and place it in the description. You could also try sharing a custom coupon code if it is available that tracks back to your account automatically.


Post a series of images with a question.

You could ask what your little one's favorite type of book? Then show two images of different books like Preschool Detective or Rosie Revere the Engineer.

If on Facebook, say click "like" for the Detective, "love" for Rosie, etc...

Make sure to include your affiliate links! You can include it with each image by clicking on the image and selecting edit, and of course, add your affiliate link to the main post where you ask the question.

STRATEGY #3 (add in hashtag research and usage for various social channels)

Twitter is an interesting platform to cause a reaction and to share information.

It's all about causing a reaction (ideally one that makes people want to shop). Or it is about sharing a series of content that creates a conversation.

For example, did you know that "National Dyslexia Day" is October 8th? Your audience likely didn't know either. This lets you share that fun fact with a funny meme or gif and also create a thread of tweets that feature eight reading tips (eight for the 8th of October).

Twitter is a great platform for sharing your thoughts and stirring up purchase impulses. Remember to use hashtags that are relevant like #KidsLit or #KidsBooks (two of the more popular ones).

Use your affiliate link on each thread with a description of the app or why it is on your list. Make sure to include unique hashtags that are relevant for reading education. Now your content can be discovered, it is relevant to the theme, and you may be able to make some money.

PPC Keywords & Media Networks

Pay Per Click marketing is one of the best ways to make money with app affiliate programs. You can run ads on Google, inside app stores, and even on social media networks. The trick is to learn how to fine-tune your targeting so there is both demand and relevance.

Here are some pointers for Google Ads and Social Media.

Google Ads

Our two top tips including using long-tail keywords and also affiliate audiences.

Long-tail keywords are simply expanding on the base phrase. Instead of reading, you could say reading apps. This becomes more specific since reading could be a club, a tutor, or an app. If we add in for 5-year-olds we've now further defined who we are targeting. But by going more niche we reduce our audience size.

Finding the right balance is key here. Once you have your keywords set click on demographics and further narrow down your target audience using interests like popular educational programs and audience stats like ages and zip codes.

Remember, you're targeting the parents, not the kids. Because we pay on leads and downloads as well as sales, you don't have to worry about the app store being a landing page. To help get you started here is an example keyword list starting with a generic phrase and leading into a long-tail version.

  • Reading
  • Reading apps
  • Kids reading apps
  • Best kids reading apps
  • Best kids reading apps for 5th graders
  • Best kids reading apps for 5th graders with ADHD
  • Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks are very similar in that the more granular you go the more targeted your audience is. But it also limits the number of people your ads can be shown to. The good news is most social media ad platforms give you a warning when your audience gets too small.

Here are some starting demographics to consider when building campaign targeting for Readability Tutor:

  • Relationship status - married, divorced
  • Demographics - median income, age, have kids
  • Interests - educational companies like ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, Learn with Homer, Accelerated Reader, and Alexia Core 5
  • Devices - Modern phones like the iPhone 11 or newer Samsung phones and tablets.

Do I need to live in the US to become an affiliat

No, even if you don't live in the USA, your website visitors might. We welcome affiliate partners from all countries.

How do I get paid?

Simple, meet the minimum threshold set by the affiliate network. Their payment terms may change, so make sure to write them and ask.

Where do I join?

You can sign up by clicking HERE.

How long do I need to be in the program?

You can be an affiliate for as long as you'd like, or quit after a month. We encourage you to keep your account open as there is no risk or harm in doing so. Then as you're writing a blog post, creating a video, or someone asks for a recommendation, you have a link ready to go and you can make money!

What is the minimum goal I need to reach?

You aren't an employee or a sales rep, you are an entrepreneur. You set your own hours and you set your own goals. Our job is to help you succeed.

The more you put in, the more opportunities you'll have to earn. There are no minimums and we'll never require you to hit a goal to remain in the program.

How much does it cost to be an affiliate partner?

Nothing! The entry to be a partner is absolutely free.

How does the Readability program work?

Affiliate partners send interested potential customers to and earn a bounty when a referred customer signs up for a free trial of our service.

Will Readability provide, banners and other creatives for their partner's use?

Yes. Once approved into the program you will have access to a variety of banners and text creative.