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Uncover Your Child’s Reading Level in Three Simple Steps with Readability’s Free Reading Assessment


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A child’s reading level correlates to their reading proficiency and can be used to uncover a potential reading struggle. Parents who identify their child’s reading struggle early can take proactive measures to help their child.

Unfortunately, not all parents receive data from their child’s school that helps them understand their child’s reading proficiency.

Readability’s free reading assessment takes the guesswork out of evaluating a child’s reading ability and how it correlates to grade-level expectations. This quick and simple assessment provides parents with an accurate evaluation of their child’s literacy skills.

The assessment is three simple steps:

Icon step 1


Select the child’s
current grade level

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Have the child read
a passage aloud

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Review the reading report
and reading level data


The Grade Level Provides the Guide for Proficiency Measurement

    • Reading benchmarks are different at each grade level. Choosing the child’s grade level allows the assessment to accurately measure the child’s proficiency in relation to the expectations of their current grade level.
    • The assessment identifies the child’s proficiency and comprehension and correlates these literacy capabilities to a grade level. This level could be on par with the child’s current grade level or it might be lower or higher



Reading a Simple Passage Aloud Captures Crucial Reading Data

    • The assessment requires the child to read a short passage aloud. This step only takes about one minute, and children need access to a device with a microphone.
    • The reading sample provides the data necessary to determine the child’s reading level. As the child reads, the program assesses fluency and comprehension. Does the child read confidently or do they have difficulty with decoding? Are they reading with feeling and understanding the context of the passage?
    • These factors are used to determine the child’s proficiency and to correlate the data to a grade-specific reading level.

The Program analyzes each sample and tracks any substitutions, omissions, insertions, repetitions, self-corrections and hesitations throughout the passage. If a child substitutes a word instead of reading the correct word, the program notes this as an error. Word omissions and self corrections also are used to discern a child's fluency


A Reading Report Reveals the Reading Level

    • A comprehensive reading report includes the child’s reading level and provides tips and recommendations to help parents work with their child to improve their reading skills.

Use the free reading assessment to uncover a child’s reading level from home and to discover ways to help them gain confidence and proficiency.

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