Readability is proud to announce the launch of a new reading assessment tool for students in grades k-6 to help educators decipher a child’s reading level and literacy proficiency

This assessment will allow teachers to assess a student’s reading level in under one minute.

A child’s reading can be evaluated for fluency and comprehension proficiency. After completing the assessment, a report shows the child’s grade level and personalized recommendations for practice.

This is the only free reading assessment that is offered online.

How it works

Step 1: A teacher can start the free reading assessment. No login is required.

Readability Assessment


Step 2: Ensure the microphone is on.
Readability Assessment
Step 3: Get Ready to Read! The child completes the assessment in 1 minute.
Readability Assessment
Reading Assessment Tool
Step 4: A report is generated showing the child’s proficiency.
Readability Assessment
Step 5: A personalized plan is given to the student. If you have a district account for Readability, the child can log in and begin.

Readability Assessment

Readability uses the most advanced technology and a research-based approach to help students learn to read independently and advance their reading abilities while parents and educators can track their progress.

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