Guide To Finding A Reading Tutor For 2nd Grader Near Me

July 22, 2020

Guide To Finding A Reading Tutor For 2nd Grader Near Me

By 2nd grade, your child is on their way to reading success. They are able to recognize story structures and read independently. However, some students might still be struggling by the time they get to 2nd grade. If your child is still struggling to read, you might find yourself googling “reading tutor for 2nd grader near me”.

Finding the right local tutor for your 2nd grader takes time and money. A reading tutor can greatly benefit your child if they are struggling with reading. But, you need to consider if an expensive in-person reading tutor is worth your investment. 

How do I know my 2nd grader needs a reading tutor?

Many new readers struggle with learning to read independently. In fact, most students who struggle with reading do catch up and are able to reach the same reading level as their peers. Yet, there are still students that are in danger of falling behind if they do not receive some sort of support or intervention.

Here are some signs that your child might benefit from a reading tutor:

  • Their grades are slipping. Lately, your child’s work is not at the level it should be, and they are increasingly earning low grades.
  • They often pause while reading. 2nd graders should be able to read simple sentences and phrases. If your child is struggling to get through simple sentence structures, they might need some additional help.
  • They avoid reading altogether. Struggling with reading can cause your child to avoid reading in class and at home.
  • They have trouble recalling information from texts or explaining the text. This could mean they are having issues with reading comprehension. This can make it difficult for them to learn new concepts or understand written instructions on assignments.
  • They are above their grade level and need more stimulation. Some 2nd graders might actually be doing so well with reading that they need some more advanced instruction.

What to look for in a good 2nd-grade reading tutor?

A good reading tutor does not simply read texts for your child. You should look for a tutor that motivates your child and shows the techniques that can help them learn to read independently. A tutor should build your child’s confidence in reading. For 2nd graders, they should specifically target these areas:

  • Sight words – Sight words are the most commonly used words in a language. Reviewing sight words can help your child read faster and more fluently.
  • Phonics – Learning the letters of the alphabet and their accompanying sounds will help your child identify unfamiliar words. In the 2nd grade, your child should also get guidance about syllables and the parts of a word such as suffixes and prefixes.
  • Story structures – Your child by now should also be able to get a sense of simple story structures. They should be able to identify the introduction, climax of the story, and end of the story.
  • Simple sentence structure 2nd grade is when your child should be able to read simple sentences. The simple sentence structure consists of one subject, main verb, and object. So, a sentence such as “John ate cookies” should be easy for your child to read.
  • Vocabulary building – The first step in improving reading is to build more vocabulary knowledge. A good tutor is likely to especially focus on vocabulary building. The more vocabulary they know the better and quicker they can read.
  • Reading comprehension – Reading comprehension is an important factor to making sure your 2nd grader is improving their reading skills. Your tutor should be helping them with strategies that increase their reading comprehension such as asking them questions about the text.

Guide To Finding A Reading Tutor For 2nd Grader Near Me

Using a reading app as a private tutor 

As mentioned, a reading tutor might be a valuable addition to your 2nd grader’s reading progress. However, a private tutor is often extremely expensive and once you find a good tutor, there is no guarantee they can fit with your family’s schedule.

A great alternative to hiring an expensive private reading tutor is to use a reading app to help supplement your child’s learning. There are now a plethora of reading apps that often target specific concerns such as sight words or vocabulary building.

The best reading app to use is one that helps improve multiple skills and is interactive. Readability is that app. Your child will have fun while improving their reading skills at the same time. The app actually works just like a private tutor for your child.

Readability uses advanced speech-recognition technology to give your child an interactive and personal experience. The app provides a library of original stories for your child to choose from. The app reads passages from the stories to give your child a model for good reading. It then asks your child to read the same passage aloud and gives them instant feedback and error correction for mispronunciations.

The app also addresses reading comprehension concerns. Using innovative technology, the app discusses the reading with your child by asking questions about the materials and listens to their answers. This is how the app is able to check and measure your child’s reading comprehension skills.

Readability is more than just another e-reader. The app helps build reading skills effectively and ensures that your child is making progress. It is basically like having a private tutor available 24/7!