Five Ways that Reading Gives Us Superpowers

January 24, 2023

Reading Gives Us Superpowers

Children know that reading daily is often a part of their homework assignments for school. They might pick up a book and clock their minutes. Children, though, might not fully understand how reading is impactful to them.

Reading is one of the fundamental pieces to learning and word decoding skills weave into many daily tasks. We read directions, news articles, television guides and use words to help cook meals properly. The act of reading also can change the way we think and feel. Here are five ways that reading gives us superpowers: 

  • Stories let us visualize actions and images
  • Books can transform fantasy into reality
  • We can travel without leaving home
  • We can take on a new identity
  • Books let us time travel

Reading Gives Us Superpowers

Books Let Us See With Our Minds

Reading a book creates pictures in the mind. The eyes don’t actually see the scenes or the characters, yet, somehow the reader is able to conjure up these images mentally and see them without even seeing them.

Books let us see images mentally. The words on the page provide descriptions that allow the brain to fill in the image. As we read, we can picture in our mind what a character is wearing, how their hair looks or where they are sitting.

Through the descriptive words of the author, the reader might even be able to visualize the foods the character is eating and see steam rising from a cup of hot soup. We might even feel as though we can taste the wonderful treats.

The mind is powerful, and as we read, we are creating the action and the images that color the book that is printed in black and white. Every reader might visualize a character a bit differently and even set the scene with a unique appeal.

Books and stories give us the superpower of seeing with our minds!

Reading Gives Us Superpowers

Reading Transforms Fantasy and Reality

One of the most wonderful superpowers that books provide readers is the superpower to transform fantasy into reality. Unicorns and magic aren’t real? Tell that to the mind as it reads stories that weave together the fantastical worlds of wizards, dragons and majestic unicorns. Is there a princess peeking from a tower?

Again, the mind creates the images that the writer describes on the page. These images within the mind allow for fantasy to become reality—at least as long as the story continues to unfold.

Some books and stories become so popular amongst readers that theme parks try to bring the scenes and the characters to life and create a magical experience that matches the book’s descriptions. Some readers love characters so much that they dress in costumes to become those characters for Halloween or parties.

Books or stories can be so descriptive that the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred. Some authors have even created specific languages for characters or creatures in their books. These languages might be studied and understood by readers.

Reading Gives Us Superpowers

Books Allow the Reader to be in Two Places at Once

A book can take the reader on unique journeys to faraway lines, but books also can let readers explore countries and continents without leaving home. In this way, readers can have the superpower of being in two places at once.

Nonfiction travel books can allow the reader to explore Paris or another city abroad. With books, the individual doesn’t need a travel budget, and they don’t need to book a flight or a hotel. Open up the book and begin the journey.

While the exploration might be limited to what the mind is able to imagine, the journeys to other destinations can feel real and might even be a relaxing vacation for the mind. In addition, books can help readers better understand the places they might visit on vacation. They can prepare their journey by reading about the destination.

By reading a book, an individual can be at home physically while their mind travels to another city, country or continent.

We Can Take on a New Identity

A boring day can become much more exciting with the aid of a book. Not only does a story or novel transport the mind and let the reader visualize new adventures, but the narrative also can let the individual seemingly take on a new identity.

Reading can give individuals the superpower to become someone else as they read. The journey of a character can feel as though it is the journey for the individual. A book might make the reader cry, laugh or fear what comes next in the story.

A book series  might include numerous characters, and different books might be told from the viewpoint of different characters. These different narratives allow the reader to step into the shoes of each different character and explore stories as someone new.

In addition, parents who grew up in the ‘80s might remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure stories. These books allow the reader to make decisions about the story as the story unfolded. Readers were required to choose an action that took their story on a different path.

Depending on the reader’s choice, the story could continue or it might even come to an abrupt end. Every time the individual reads the book, the story could be different. These books are still available, and children might love to explore the unique adventures of each book.

Books Let Us Time Travel

Time travel isn’t possible. We can’t go back in time to walk amongst the dinosaurs or witness historical events. Or can we?

Books and stories provide insight to the past. In fact, historical texts can allow us to better understand the past and seemingly step back in time. While there are many fiction and nonfiction books that explore the past, there are also books written centuries ago that help the reader understand the stories and adventures enjoyed by ancient civilizations.

Many books have remained popular centuries after they were written and continue to be cherished by readers. Think about all the plays and sonnets from Shakespeare. Students read them today and analyze their meaning. Readers continue to be enamored with the story of Romeo and Juliet and many students are still required to memorize the famous “To Be or Not to Be…” soliloquy from Hamlet.

Books and stories provide us with the superpower to time travel. Pick up a book and visit ancient Rome, medieval Europe or explore the Mayan civilization.

Reading Gives Everyone Superpowers

The superpowers of reading are available to everyone that opens a book. Children might not love that they have to read every day, but parents can help them understand the powers that those words give them as they read.

While reading is a key to learning, it’s also fun and entertaining. When children gain fluency and reading confidence, they can explore places and ideas beyond their imagination. Reality and fantasy can blur as a story unfolds, and children can step into the shoes of new characters to explore realms and adventures that entice them to keep turning the page.

Parents can encourage children to create interest lists to better understand the books that appeal to them. These lists can include places children wish to discover, ideas that interest them or individuals that they admire. By helping children understand their interests, parents can help them discover books that let young readers uncover the superpowers of reading.