My inside weather

My inside weather

By: Jen Thorpe  . 2022
Illustrated by: Lara Berge

Sometimes our feelings are hard to talk about, but everyone knows how to talk about the weather.

Genres: Children's literature, Picture book, Emotions and Feelings

About this edition

ISBN: 978-1-928442-16-5

Published: October 3, 2022

Publisher: Readability

Author: Jen Thorpe

Illustrator: Lara Berge

Page count: 18

Format: Digital

Language: English

About this book

Original Published: October 3, 2022

Genres: Children's literature, Picture book, Emotions and Feelings

Common terms & phrases: Children's stories, feelings and emotions, inside weather 

Subject: Children’s Fiction / Emotions and Feelings / Children's Fantasy


A Simple Children's Story for Talking About All Different Kinds of Feelings. A little girl speaks to her grandmother about feelings and emotions.

About the author

Jen Thorpe
9 books
Jen has published three feminist essay collections, two novels, one full-length non-fiction, and two children’s books. She also has pieces in two collections. Find out more about them in the Books tab above. Her first novel, The Peculiars, was long listed for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize (2017) and the Etisalat Fiction Prize (2017). Her second novel, The Fall, was long listed for the Sunday Times CNA Fiction Prize (2021).

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