Let’s have an inside day!

Let’s have an inside day!

By: Lerato Mbangeni  . 2019
Illustrated by: Alicia van Zyl

In Let’s Have an Inside Day, we take a look at all the activities that can be done inside when it’s raining or when we need to stay inside for some other reason.

This is a short book suitable for reading to young children or reading by children learning to read.

Genres: Family & Friends ,Daily Life, Games, Activities

About this edition

ISBN: 978-1-928442-83-7

Published: February 9, 2019

Publisher: Readability

Author: Lerato Mbangeni

Illustrator: Alicia van Zyl

Page count: 8

Format: Digital

Language: English

About this book

Original Published: February 9, 2019

Genres: Family & Friends ,Daily Life, Games, Activities

Common terms & phrases: Children's stories,  Games, Family, Home, Inside, Daily Life

Subject: Children’s Fiction / Family / Daily Life


An inside day is a two-day price pattern that occurs when a second day has a range that is completely inside the first day's price range. The high of the second day is lower than the first, and the low of the second is higher than the first.

Inside days show a contraction in volatility and are often a continuation pattern. This means that following the inside day the price will often continue moving in the same direction after the pattern as it did before. That said, the pattern is common and frequently insignificant.

  • An inside day is a common technical chart pattern where the high and low of one day occur inside the high and low of the prior day.
  • Inside days are thought to signal a continuation pattern.
  • If trading a breakout from the pattern, the highest probability trades are ones where the overall market direction aligns with the direction into and out of the two-day pattern.

About the author

Lerato Mbangeni

Lerato Mbangeni is a multimedia journalist and social media manager in South Africa. Her writing has appeared in The Star, Cape Times, Cape Argus, the Mercury, Daily News (KZN), the Saturday Star, The African Independent and online publication OkayAfrica. Lerato was recently one of three finalists in the 2016 Sikuvile Awards’ Young Journalist of the Year category.

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