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“Reading is the most powerful key towards success in education. Reading also opens children to a whole world of discovery where they can imagine themselves as doctors, astronauts, artists and so much more. Readability is using cutting edge technology to give children the tools they need to improve their reading and expand their horizons.”


“As an educator, witnessing your child’s reading abilities improve firsthand is the most rewarding feeling. I am thrilled to know that Readability takes this to the next level by providing parents with a detailed accountability report showing the duration of time their child spend reading, their accuracy, and comprehension through IVQA scores .”


“I always tell my children that reading is exercise for the brain. When teachers assign reading homework, it helps their students practice and become stronger and more developed readers. Readability Tutor is an excellent tool to help with increased reading achievement!”

AMY EDMUNDSON MS Ed.Teacher on Special Assignment Assessment Support Mentor

...and loved by Parents!

“Readability tutor is better than any other online reading assistant or expensive one-on-one tutor. I am most excited about the detailed reading reports on the app which tell me how my kids are doing. I absolutely recommend it for other families with kids.”

Oma B.

“As an advanced reader, the app was able to gauge my daughter’s reading level and work with her at the level she is already at! And she loves all the different stories.“

Christina M.

“Easy process to get started and get kiddos reading. The stories are fun and targeted appropriately for each grade level. The voice recognition technology is really neat as it picks up whether your reading aloud the correct word with the proper enunciation. My son just turned 5 and was already beginning to read before starting Kinder, and this app is a great way for us to reenforce learning and to help him retain information!”

Amber M.

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