I Can Climb!

I Can Climb!

By: Mini Shrinivasan  . 2013
Illustrated by: Deval Maniar

Here, a little boy learns to climb up. But can he climb down? This book is one of the four books in the 'Growing Up' series.

Genres: Children's literature, Picture book

About this edition

ISBN: 978-93-5022-235-5

Published: Oct 30, 2013

Publisher: Pratham Books

Author: Mini Shrinivasan

Illustrator: Deval Maniar

Page count: 11

Format: Digital

Language: English

About this book

Original Published: Oct 30, 2013

Characters: Sonu, Papa

Genres: Children's literature,
Picture book

Common terms & phrases: learning, growing up, brave, father, up and down

Subject: Children’s


I Can Climb talks about the apprehension of taking a new step or trying something new. But once that step is taken, the pleasant feeling of having conquered a big milestone makes all the earlier feelings of fear and stress fade away. Here in this book, a little boy has already learned to climb up - on a chair, on a table, on stairs but he is not able to climb down. One day he musters all his courage, he is afraid but tries not to cry. He slowly takes one step down at a time and in no time, he learns a new thing - climbing down.

About the author

Mini Shrinivasan
4 books
Mini Shrinivasan lives and works in Pune where she writes for children, develops educational radio programmes, works with teachers and children in rural schools, and is part of a child nights advocacy group. She particularly likes writing for pre-teens, whom she finds bright, feisty and fun.

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