Ann-Nem-Oh-Nee finds Adventure

Ann-Nem-Oh-Nee finds Adventure

By: Jessica Bosworth Smith  . 2022
Illustrated by: Matthew Griffiths, Lauren Nel

A lonely sea anemone looking for adventure meets a hermit crab in need of a bodyguard.

Genres: Sea anemones, Hermit crabs, Fiction, Friendship, Cooperativeness

About this edition

ISBN: 978-1-928442-11-0

Published: July 1, 2022

Publisher: Cape Town : Book Dash

Author: Jessica Bosworth Smith

Illustrator: Matthew Griffiths, Lauren Nel

Page count: 16

Format: Digital

Language: English

About this book

Original Published: December 2017

Characters: Ann-Nem-Oh-Nee, Hermit Crab

Genres: Sea anemones, Hermit crabs, Fiction, Friendship, Cooperativeness

Common terms & phrases: Children's stories, American, Picture books for children, Stories

Subject: Sea anemones, Hermit Crabs, Friendship


Ann-Nem-Oh-Nee is stuck on her rock all alone in the depths of the ocean. She’s looking for adventure and wants to see the world! But how?

A short story with colorful illustrations and simples phrases to help the young reader focusing and understanding the story.

About the author

Jessica Bosworth Smith
3 books
Jessica Bosworth Smith is a visual artist who believes that illustration is a fluid and multifaceted form of storytelling. She has authored few children's books.

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